Logs for #nikola for 2020-02-11

20:38:56 <groj> hi! i'm struggling with csv-table in nikola. have to read the table input from a csv file. tried with :file: </path/to/file.csv>, but it does not work.
20:39:00 <groj> any hint for me?
21:00:32 <ChrisWarrick> groj: Is that a reST feature?
21:01:30 <ChrisWarrick> groj: try using :file: /path/to/file.csv
21:01:47 <ChrisWarrick> groj: if you’re using relative paths, they must be relative to the Nikola site root
21:15:37 <groj> ChrisWarrick: i think it is a rest feature https://docutils.sourceforge.io/docs/ref/rst/directives.html#id4
21:19:00 <groj> ChrisWarrick: i have the csv file in the directory /pages relativ to the nikola site root - where the rst files for the pages reside. csv file is called 2020.csv.
21:19:12 <ChrisWarrick> groj: :file: pages/2020.csv
21:19:49 <groj> ChrisWarrick: ok, will try without leading /
21:22:11 <groj> ChrisWarrick: it works - great! thank you!
21:22:21 <ChrisWarrick> you’re welcome!
21:23:34 <groj> ChrisWarrick: mmmmh, strange. but for images in /images i have to write ..image:: /images/image.png with leading / why?
21:24:57 <ChrisWarrick> groj: reST reads your .csv file.  The CWD is the Nikola site root, and you can use any filesystem path.  For images, the path is used directly in <img src="…"> and standard HTML linking rules apply.
21:26:00 <groj> ChrisWarrick: ok, was a little bit confused. thank you again!