Logs for #nikola for 2020-01-30

15:01:47 <jstein> Hi, I do not understand why I could not link to the static page with the title Impressum on http://jonasstein.de/posts/nikola-snippets.html
15:01:49 <jstein> with the command
15:01:51 <jstein> 2. Internal links to the title :doc:`Nikola Snippets` or :doc:`Impressum`
15:01:53 <jstein> the first example with  :doc:`Nikola Snippets` works
15:01:56 <jstein> can't I link to other websites of the same project?
15:53:34 <KwBot> [nikola] sharat87 opened issue #3344: Can't load metadata from **both** filename and file contents https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/3344
15:59:48 <ChrisWarrick> jstein: this might be caused by your language config and .de appearing in URLs
16:00:09 <jstein> Do you remove Userpages, which no longer run nikola? I think c133.org is not a nikola page.
16:01:17 <jstein> ChrisWarrick: ok thank you. I will remove the .de then.
16:04:51 <jstein> ChrisWarrick: you were right it works now. Is this a bug?
16:07:44 <ChrisWarrick> jstein: c133.org is a Nikola site.
16:09:35 <jstein> wow, it looks so different. Interesting what nikola makes possible
16:11:02 <ChrisWarrick> you can do *everything* with just about any ssg/blog software, so there’s nothing special about this one
16:12:03 <ChrisWarrick> and the doc behavior you’re seeing is not a bug, as it expects a slug, not a title, but it will also auto-slugify titles first.  that’s why "Nikola Snippets" worked, but "Impressum" didn’t.
16:12:37 <jstein> thank you
16:14:04 <jstein> Have you ever seen a nice solution to include gpg public keys with nikola? Some pretty printed meta info on the key plus a key which is easy to import. Is there anything ready to use?
16:14:45 <ChrisWarrick> is this anything that would be nikola-specific?  just make a page with info and put the key somewhere in files/
16:19:49 <jstein> I was wondering, if there is already a handy plugin or shortcode.
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