Logs for #nikola for 2020-01-27

19:14:41 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: I am thinking of moving my server to a Google Cloud instance mostly because it would fit in the free tier. So, if I ever get started on it, there may be some downtime at some point. Not very soon, tho
19:15:18 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: oh, they’ve got a free tier?
19:15:37 <ralsina> They sort of do. https://cloud.google.com/free
19:15:58 <ralsina> The f1-micro instance looks a lot like the digital ocean droplet we use now
19:17:03 <ralsina> Only 1GB egress data, but we are never even close to that
19:17:28 <ChrisWarrick> okay, cool
19:18:15 <ChrisWarrick> I’d prefer an EU location, and I’d need a lot of motivation to move, $6.15/month is a fair price for laziness
19:19:27 <ralsina> laziness is mostly why I  have not moved it ;-)
19:21:34 <ChrisWarrick> are you sure about that 1GB thing? there was a recent cloudflare e-mail that we served 4.7G in December
19:26:03 <ralsina> That's on the cloudflare side, on the DO side we were a lot lower
19:26:10 <ralsina> Besides, it's like 10 cents a GB
19:26:40 <ChrisWarrick> ah, that’s reasonable
19:26:47 <ralsina> No, sorry, 10 cents a TB
19:27:58 <ralsina> Actually 10c per GB the 1st TB
19:28:09 <ralsina> So, no problem