Logs for #nikola for 2020-01-16

19:56:23 <jstein> Hi, I want to create a mixed static page and blog. So far it is working fine, but I do not get an index.html in the root folder. Only one in the pages folder.
19:56:23 <jstein> https://github.com/TroLUG/trolug-nikola/tree/master/nikola
19:56:23 <jstein> What is the right way to do this in nikola?
19:56:38 <jstein> should I create a new folder like pages and redirect it to root?
19:57:50 <jstein> or is the idea to create a index.rst in the upper folder and tell nikola somehow to compile it?
19:59:50 <felixfontein> you can also change PAGES to output pages to / instead of to /pages/
20:02:55 <jstein> felixfontein: that works fine! Thank you!
20:03:36 <felixfontein> yw
20:20:18 <jstein> we have this page http://trolug.de/termine.html
20:20:18 <jstein> and want to move from sphinx to nikola
20:20:18 <jstein> Do you have a good hint how to get the best out of nikola? I want to create a calendar with 12 events per year
20:20:33 <jstein> is this better in a blog, or in a static page?
20:20:46 <jstein> are there specific plugins I should look at?
20:26:17 <felixfontein> you could use a custom template page + a data file (https://getnikola.com/handbook.html#the-global-context-and-data-files) for that
20:27:02 <felixfontein> with mako resp. jinja2 it should be pretty simple to generate that if you put the data well-structured into a YAML file (for example)
20:27:59 <felixfontein> maybe there are also plugins which do that, but assuming you want to keep the current page in principle for the next years, that's probably one of the easiest ways to do it
21:16:02 <jstein> I have pictures in files https://github.com/TroLUG/trolug-nikola/tree/master/nikola
21:16:14 <jstein> what is the right way to make them accessible in the website
21:16:29 <jstein> so that I can embedd a picture in the html
21:16:51 <jstein> like here? https://raw.githubusercontent.com/TroLUG/trolug-nikola/master/nikola/pages/index.rst
21:25:50 <jstein> is it better to write a websiten in .md or in .rst in nikola?
21:39:31 <ChrisWarrick> jstein: those files are put into the output root, so the path would be /louis_fisch.png
21:40:49 <ChrisWarrick> jstein: .md and .rst are both well-supported
21:41:20 <jstein> I upload my pages to github. If they are equal, I should probably use .md
21:41:35 <jstein> because github can preview them (partly)
21:41:46 <ChrisWarrick> it can also preview .rst
21:41:59 <jstein> ok then it is the same.
21:42:12 <jstein> thank you very much for the hint about 'files' now it works
21:43:01 <ChrisWarrick> (you may want to use the /images folder which will also make thumbnails )
22:29:18 <jstein> ChrisWarrick: Thank you