Logs for #nikola for 2020-01-07

03:01:03 <wearpants> any way to pass the lists of posts to a page?
03:03:14 <wearpants> i'm using the site-not-a-blog approach (https://getnikola.com/creating-a-site-not-a-blog-with-nikola.html), and i'd like to feature the most recent post on homepage
03:04:22 <wearpants> (gross hacks and other ugly things welcome)
17:38:07 <ChrisWarrick> wearpants: post-list directive/shortcode
21:04:05 <wearpants> ChrisWarrick: thanks. i need to use it in the homepage template (which has all the layout and content), rather than the page text (which is just an empty placeholder). is that doable?
21:04:25 <ChrisWarrick> wearpants: uh, what’s the difference?
21:05:56 <wearpants> i mean, can i use shortcodes in homepage.tmpl instead of homepage.md?
21:06:08 <ChrisWarrick> wearpants: no
21:06:22 <wearpants> hmm :-(
21:07:33 <ChrisWarrick> wearpants: what’s the problem with putting more of your homepage in the md file?  Or if it’s generally static, put everything in .tmpl, put only the post-list in .md, and render ${post.text()} where you want the post list to appear?
21:07:57 <wearpants> yeah I think I might do the latter
21:40:51 <wearpants> wound up just using a custom render_pages plugin instead...
21:48:29 <ChrisWarrick> wearpants: Note that this requires the plugin to depend on the timeline, although I would recommend to just use post-list.
21:51:25 <wearpants> i just copied existing pages.{py, plugin} to my local plugins/ directory and tweaked it slightly to add a new context variable
21:51:46 <wearpants> seems to work... i always do full builds anyway