Logs for #nikola for 2019-12-03

02:57:40 <eggbean> Nearly all the available themes have a single column and there aren't any which have a typical sidebar with links, etc.  I plan to use Nikola and slowly make my own theme, as I learn Python, Jinja2, etc.  I am just want to make sure that there is nothing that is going to stop me from developing a theme which works the way I would like it to.  So my quesiton is:  Is there any reason why I would not be able to
02:57:42 <eggbean> make a theme with two columns and a customised top navbar with dropdown menus, as there doesn't see to any themes like that made by other people already?
07:39:18 <felixfontein> I don't think there is a reason
10:08:40 <eggbean> That's good to hear.  
10:10:44 <eggbean> If there is no technical limitation, I wonder why the themes on the website are so similar in layout.  
16:55:13 <ChrisWarrick> eggbean: The list of things you could put in a sidebar is limited
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19:28:26 <CantExitVIM> Hello all
19:29:42 <CantExitVIM> I've been playing with nikola for a few days. Is there a way to set up set-length.... to preview the last number of blogs.... in the index blog. 
19:30:07 <CantExitVIM> I'd rather long-post not populate unless the user clicks on them. And I can't seem to find any option that sets a "preview" 
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21:34:41 <eggbean> is there no way of doing what ^ that guy asked about?
21:35:39 <eggbean> ChrisWarrick: I suspected it might be.  What is it limited to?
21:36:17 <eggbean> Simple artirary static links and links like tags, categories, etc?
21:37:07 <eggbean> Is the formatting of the sidebars limited in some way, as that seems likely.
22:25:57 <ChrisWarrick> eggbean: the formatting is not limited
22:26:23 <ChrisWarrick> eggbean: the limitation comes from the fact that if you put content that changes often, you either need to do it via JS includes, or rebuild every page often
22:27:19 <eggbean> ChrisWarrick: You mean content in the sidebar/menu that changes often?
22:27:23 <ChrisWarrick> yes
22:27:39 <eggbean> That shouldn't be a problem then.
22:27:56 <eggbean> It will just be categories and tags, and some links to pages
22:29:40 <eggbean> ChrisWarrick: So there is nothing really stopping me from making, something like this, which is just a blog that I am reading right now, and it has the sort of format I am thinking about - https://sakshamsharma.com/
22:30:28 <eggbean> There is nothing that I could not reproduce in a Nikola theme?
22:30:31 <ChrisWarrick> eggbean: doable, but the right one would be best powered by client-side JS or server-side includes.
22:31:06 <eggbean> Okay, sounds good then.  Thanks.
22:35:59 <CantExitVIM> Just realized they are called teasers =)  got it to work
22:36:06 <CantExitVIM> here I am searching for preview and whatnot in the docs 
22:40:52 <eggbean> CantExitVIM: I think they are called extracts in WordPress, IIRC
22:41:12 <eggbean> CantExitVIM: So Nikola has them?  
22:41:33 <eggbean> ..and they are called teasers?
22:41:53 <CantExitVIM> Yes they do. Just need to tag where the teaser stops
22:42:15 <CantExitVIM> I tried it for a jupyter notebook and it works by placing it in a markdown cell
22:42:21 <eggbean> Are they just n lines of the post, or can you independently edit them?
22:43:04 <CantExitVIM> You decide where it stops by including <!-- TEASER_END --> in the post
22:43:57 <eggbean> Oh, well the first couple of paragraphs would have to be written as an introduction then.
22:44:51 <eggbean> Like a descriptive one, I meant.
22:46:18 <eggbean> It would be better if there was an independent extract/teaser
22:47:21 <CantExitVIM> You can use regular expression
22:47:22 <CantExitVIM> https://getnikola.com/handbook.html#teasers
22:49:38 <eggbean> CantExitVIM: But that is just for making WordPress compatible teasers?
22:51:22 <CantExitVIM> ... this is just so the index page, which normally will show the last post (default 10) isn't loading the entire post (e.g. so your index page won't be super-duper long).
22:51:27 <CantExitVIM> I've never used word press
22:52:05 <eggbean> ok