Logs for #nikola for 2019-12-02

20:22:45 <eggbean> I previously tried using a wordpress importer, but I am not using it anymore, but when trying to build a new site I keep getting this error:
20:22:47 <eggbean> [2019-12-02T20:21:16Z] ERROR: yapsy: Unable to import plugin: /home/jason/.nikola/plugins/wordpress_compiler/wordpress
20:22:58 <eggbean> How do I get rid of that?
20:24:39 <felixfontein> are you using the wordpress compiler plugin? if not, just deleting /home/jason/.nikola/plugins/wordpress_compiler should do the trick
20:30:12 <eggbean> felixfontein: I think I have deleted the entire plugins directory, as there isn't one
20:30:32 <eggbean> Don't remember doing that though
20:31:29 <eggbean> Oh, it's in the .nikola directory, not ~/nikola
20:31:47 <eggbean> Cheers
20:41:09 <eggbean> Where can I edit the robots.txt file, with the result keeping intact when building?
20:46:26 <eggbean> Doesn't matter. Found it.