Logs for #nikola for 2019-11-13

19:30:52 <srji> hey guys
19:31:15 <srji> what is the build process doing with images in galleries?
19:31:34 <srji> is it creating real thumbnails?
19:31:53 <srji> all images from galleries in output folder have the same sizes
19:35:35 <srji> https://gitlab.com/marcus-kammer/photoblog/issues/1
19:40:01 <ChrisWarrick> srji: it should be creating real thumbnails if (a) your copy of pillow is not broken (there should be warnings about that) (b) the image is larger than the thumbnail size
19:52:46 <srji> ChrisWarrick: both cases are valid
19:52:56 <srji> pillow is working fine, no warnings
19:53:18 <srji> and the images are larger then the tumbnail size 
19:53:26 <srji> *than
20:04:57 <ChrisWarrick> srji: there seems to be an issue with these images
20:05:36 <ChrisWarrick> srji: out of these five, IMG_0789.JPG is handled correctly, the rest fail
20:06:56 <srji> hmpf
20:07:47 <ChrisWarrick> srji: after stripping all EXIF data, the images go through correctly
20:17:26 <srji> did you test it?
20:17:57 <srji> i will try it
20:21:51 <srji> you are right
20:22:12 <srji> after removing the exif data with gimp, the image processing is working
20:22:18 <srji> ok thank you
20:26:33 <ChrisWarrick> srji: that's a bug though, could you report an issue on GitHub?
20:37:28 <srji> i will do so