Logs for #nikola for 2019-11-09

05:12:33 <jasonbraganza> Hello folks. I was looking to verify my blogs as belonging to me on my mastodon account as listed in here
05:12:49 <jasonbraganza> https://docs.joinmastodon.org/usage/basics/#link-verification
05:13:43 <jasonbraganza> to that end i have to put <a rel="me" href="https://ele.janusworx.com/@jason">Mastodon</a> somewhere on the site
05:13:54 <jasonbraganza> what would be a good place to do that?
05:14:21 <jasonbraganza> would appreciate your advice. Thank you so much in advance
09:53:55 <ChrisWarrick> jasonbraganza: anywhere you want this link to your mastodon profile to appear.
10:02:31 <jasonbraganza> ChrisWarrick if i put it it the footer, it should appear as part of the root site. as in at https://janusworx.com?
10:03:06 <jasonbraganza> because i don’t quite know how to make it appear anywhere else
10:04:28 <ChrisWarrick> jasonbraganza: You put this anywhere you want this link to your mastodon profile to appear.  Which may or may not require modifying templates.  From the Mastodon docs, it looks like the link must appear on the page you link to.
10:08:02 <jasonbraganza> ChrisWarrick i tried the footer. changed the author link to point to mastodon instead of author email. does not quite seem to do the trick so confused a bit. and yes if i do it to a specific page it seems to work, like the subscribe to email page. if you could spare a moment to look at my profile, maybe that’d make it clearer. https://ele.janusworx.com/@jason. the subscribe link is verified, but the main site https://janusworx.com
10:08:03 <jasonbraganza>  is not, despite me putting the link in the footer. any advice?
10:09:08 <ChrisWarrick> jasonbraganza: I can see a verification checkmark next to the newsletter on your mastodon thing
10:09:37 <ChrisWarrick> perhaps you need to wait or change the link and change it back or ask someone who knows a thing about mastodon
10:09:52 <jasonbraganza> will do ChrisWarrick. thank you for helping out :)
10:13:07 <jasonbraganza> ChrisWarrick removing all the links at the mastodon profile and readding them did the trick. all verified now. thank you for throwing ideas at me :)
10:13:26 <ChrisWarrick> you’re welcome