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18:39:50 <gour> evening
18:41:27 <ChrisWarrick> hello
18:42:44 <gour> there is longer study of the subject ahead of me and wonder which markup to use for my notes/articles/posts...rst is first-class citizen within Nikola, but due to some gotchas i do experience i'm considering asciidoc(tor) as well which also works nicely in Nikola, but still wonder what would i miss (in Nikola) by using asciidoc over rst?
18:44:48 <ChrisWarrick> If the asciidoc plugin supports shortcodes: anything offered only by rest directives; most of these should be available as shortcodes though
18:48:23 <gour> let me do one simple check...
18:54:09 <gour> ChrisWarrick: i see that e.g. emoji shortcode does work with asciidoc plugin. is it safe to assume that others hsould work as well?
18:54:16 <ChrisWarrick> yes
18:55:18 <gour> nice! i'm also curious if it would be possible to make shortcode-feature markup-agnostic to make them work for any content markup?
18:56:17 <ChrisWarrick> They work for any markup, as long as the plugin decides to enable shortcodes.
18:56:31 <gour> aha..i see
18:57:04 <gour> do you still prefer rst over asciidoc (when not using markdown)?
18:57:27 <gour> rst is nice except the lack of nested-inline-support and the toolchain is simpler
18:57:54 <gour> asciidoc's referential implememtation is going to be written in java :-(
18:58:25 <ChrisWarrick> I myself don’t like asciidoc