Logs for #nikola for 2019-10-11

14:40:24 <eggbean> The themes.  Confusing.  bootstrap, bootblog, different numbers, jinja and v7/v8?  
17:21:53 <ChrisWarrick> eggbean: v7/v8 is Nikola version
17:22:27 <ChrisWarrick> eggbean: jinja and mako are two theming engines supported by Nikola; if a theme you like is available for both, and you don’t care about customizing it further, pick either
17:26:34 <ChrisWarrick> eggbean: bootstrap3/4 is the version of the bootstrap framework used, which influences the design.  The bootblog theme uses Bootstrap’s blog template, which has a nicer blog-like style than our standard theme.