Logs for #nikola for 2019-09-10

06:06:28 <wrobinson> ChrisWarrick: if only the potential users would be comfortable with shell, but no, largely unlikely :/
06:07:07 <wrobinson> ChrisWarrick: I still suspect at least one virtual env to be used
06:13:08 <wrobinson> ChrisWarrick: I'm wondering if I could do very minimal web-ui - basically just "buttons" to run nikola commands on back end + basic text box to upload MD (or other compatible format text)
06:13:46 <wrobinson> ...maybe with WYSIWYG "preview" of how the content will be displayed (but I'm leaning toward very minimalist)
06:14:08 <wrobinson> I really, really don't want to use any JS in the front-end by default if can be avoided
16:39:19 <ChrisWarrick> wrobinson: look at the coil cms project, you might be able to somehow make it work, at least as a starting point
16:39:52 <ChrisWarrick> wrobinson: another alternative would be netlify cms