Logs for #nikola for 2019-09-08

06:22:07 <wrobinso1> Considering using nikola to host blogs for multiple users
06:22:33 <wrobinso1> I'm guessing I will have to implement some kind of interface (and backend) to handle this level of separation?
06:22:47 <wrobinso1> any advice on a sensible route to achieve this?
08:11:52 <[Tritium]> wrobinso1: i dont know if its actively maintained but at one point there was a project called coil to do that.  It was a webapp to manage multiple instances of nikola (and IIRC it needn't run on the same machine as was actually hosting the blogs)
09:13:15 <ChrisWarrick> wrobinso1: Coil is not maintained, it might not really be working with v8 anymore
09:14:26 <ChrisWarrick> wrobinso1: That said, Coil was pretty much linked to a single Nikola site, so that won’t help here.
09:16:35 <ChrisWarrick> wrobinso1: If you don’t want a web UI (your users are comfortable with *nix and will ssh in to edit content), then you can install Nikola in a shared virtualenv (or system-wide, although that is not preferred in the Python world), create a separate Nikola site for every user, and point nginx to each site’s output/ directory
09:19:54 <ChrisWarrick> wrobinso1: I think ralsina had some even older project that did a multi-user web UI, but I can’t find it anywhere
11:18:51 <wrobinso1> Thanks a lot [Tritium] and ChrisWarrick - will read around some and probably come back with more questions :)