Logs for #nikola for 2019-07-26

11:21:40 <ChrisWarrick> jasonbraganza: There is built-in syntax highlighting with pygments
11:22:19 <jasonbraganza> ChrisWarrick, since i use markdown to write posts, is there anything special i need to do?
11:22:36 <jasonbraganza> ChrisWarrick, https://janusworx.com/testing-nikola-native-code-highhlighting/
11:22:45 <jasonbraganza> that is what my code looks like ^
11:23:16 <jasonbraganza> i probably am missing something?
11:23:46 <ChrisWarrick> jasonbraganza: You need to be using the appropriate syntax to enable highlighting and choose the language
11:24:30 <ChrisWarrick> jasonbraganza: The GitHub ```python  backtick syntax should work
11:24:54 <jasonbraganza> ChrisWarrick, oooh i did *not* know that
11:24:59 * jasonbraganza rushes off to try
11:26:28 <jasonbraganza> ChrisWarrick, tada https://janusworx.com/testing-nikola-native-code-highhlighting/
11:26:36 <jasonbraganza> thank you, thank you, thank you :)
11:42:07 <jasonbraganza> ChrisWarrick, updated the post too. Thank you once again
11:42:18 <ChrisWarrick> you're welcome
11:43:50 <jasonbraganza> changed the slug, so the post is here now https://janusworx.com/testing-nikola-native-code-highlighting/