Logs for #nikola for 2019-04-20

19:03:50 <jstein> Hi, https://users.getnikola.com/blog/index.html is Err 404 (just in case you did not know yet)
19:15:58 <ChrisWarrick> jstein: Oh, sorry
19:16:12 <ChrisWarrick> jstein: this link shouldn’t be on the page, it should point to getnikola.com/blog/
19:16:50 <ChrisWarrick> jstein: there, fixed it
19:16:57 <jstein> cool
19:17:33 <jstein> fixing that is so fast with nikola
19:17:48 <jstein> impressive
19:18:07 <ChrisWarrick> jstein: users.getnikola.com does not run Nikola