Logs for #nikola for 2019-04-17

17:23:53 <jstein> Hi, I want to generate a static website. My result so far is on http://yenyen.de/ How do I have to configure the "main" index.html page which appears right at the top entry?
17:24:38 <jstein> my conf.py is http://dpaste.com/33K472J
17:43:55 <jstein> reboot brb
18:14:32 <jstein> it works now. Thank you for nikola. bye.
20:28:41 <queso> ChanServ: Do you have a link to that?  https://getnikola.com/handbook.html#restructuredtext-extensions lists extensions to embed specific services, nothing appears to be designed for a simple mp3 file.
20:28:46 <queso> bah
20:28:52 <queso> ChrisWarrick: ^ :)
20:29:27 <ChrisWarrick> queso: Did you try `media`?
20:36:24 <queso> ChrisWarrick: I just do   .. media:: path/to/mp3  ?
20:36:39 <ChrisWarrick> queso: Try it.  I haven’t tested this in any way.
20:36:57 <queso> ChrisWarrick: Yeah, I tried - it doesn't work.
20:37:06 <ChrisWarrick> queso: then you might need something else
20:37:10 <queso> ChrisWarrick: It's no biggie, I can just link to the files.
20:37:20 <queso> Thanks
20:37:29 <ChrisWarrick> queso: you could create a custom shortcode/rest directive to just insert a HTML <audio> tag
20:37:49 <queso> ChrisWarrick: I don't know how to do that.
20:37:56 <ChrisWarrick> queso: in fact…
20:38:02 <ChrisWarrick> queso: someone has already done that
20:38:04 <ChrisWarrick> queso: https://gist.github.com/SpotlightKid/70f3ccdfacd9cfb091941a91f349924f
20:40:04 <queso> ChrisWarrick: Ah.  I'm using a Mako theme.  I could probably convert it.
20:40:13 <queso> Would it even need to be converted?
20:40:17 <ChrisWarrick> queso: it would
20:40:39 <ChrisWarrick> queso: if you do, put it on Gist and make a PR to https://github.com/getnikola/shortcodes
20:41:16 <queso> ChrisWarrick: k, thanks - I'll try my hand at it if I get some time.  Appreciate the help.