Logs for #nikola for 2019-04-14

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20:30:08 <nilshi> Hello. I am creating a website for a school. Is Nikola the right choice if I want to have a set of content and articles but I want the site to go into a filtered modes, so that I have subsets of the page for students, parents etc.
20:47:00 <ChrisWarrick> nilshi: Will these subsets require user authentication?
20:48:39 <nilshi> no, it is just a way to hide content from the default site that is not interesting for a group of users
20:49:40 <nilshi> My naive approach would be to generate three different sites from the same sources (all, students, parens) and use different subdomains. Or something like that
20:50:22 <ChrisWarrick> You could just put different posts in different tags and have index pages for groups
20:52:05 <nilshi> how does the language system works?
20:52:37 <nilshi> hm, probably not. I am not writing different versions of the same article
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