Logs for #nikola for 2019-02-15

04:02:19 <CRCinAU> ralsina: speaking of which - any progress on that image link thingo from the other day?
04:02:25 <CRCinAU> I forgot all about it :P
04:02:37 <CRCinAU> then ChrisWarrick mentioned JS and rants :P
09:37:25 <gour> morning
09:38:28 <gour> what is the deal with markdown-meta - it looks same as YAML without delimiters, but nikola complains even though i've 'meta' extension enabled?
09:40:57 <gour> when i 'convert' meta into yaml, everything is fine
10:43:26 <ChrisWarrick> gour: show a sample file that fails to work
11:06:09 <gour> ChrisWarrick: https://pastebin.com/WLDF5ZMR
11:19:08 <ChrisWarrick> gour: Cannot reproduce with the 'meta' extension enabled and Nikola from master
11:25:37 <gour>  
11:38:36 <ChrisWarrick> oh, disqus has a lot of ads nowadays
11:40:41 * gour is using isso
13:09:33 <gour> ChrisWarrick: my nikola is 8.0.1
13:10:04 <ChrisWarrick> gour: make sure the extension is enabled
13:13:35 <gour> i've: MARKDOWN_EXTENSIONS = ['fenced_code', 'codehilite', 'extra', 'meta']
13:42:40 <ralsina> CRCinAU: sorry, got sidetracked by work :-)
13:44:09 <CRCinAU> heh - always the way :)
13:44:28 <CRCinAU> I got distracted fixing up code on my RGB arduino beroom decorations :p
14:00:57 <ralsina> Also, I am migrating an older FLOSS project of mine to python3 and marveling at how crappy a programmer I was 10 years ago
14:01:09 <gour> :-)
14:01:12 <ralsina> OTOH I sure wrote a lot more code back then, even if it was garbage
14:39:10 <CRCinAU> tbh
14:39:22 <CRCinAU> I think my code quality has skyrocketted over the last 3+ years
14:39:30 <CRCinAU> to the point where I'm actually writing in C++ now
14:39:41 <CRCinAU> but my favourite goto is still perl :P
15:06:36 <ralsina> eeek
15:13:23 <KwBot> [nikola] Kwpolska assigned issue #3219 to Kwpolska: Isso support somewhat broken still https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/3219
15:13:47 <ChrisWarrick> guess whose site now runs isso?
15:15:39 <KwBot> [nikola] Kwpolska opened issue #3225: Make isso configurable https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/3225
15:15:39 <KwBot> [nikola] Kwpolska assigned issue #3225 to Kwpolska: Make isso configurable https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/3225
15:25:08 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: nice :-)
16:17:16 <KwBot> [nikola] Kwpolska closed issue #3219: Isso support somewhat broken still https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/3219
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16:25:50 <KwBot> [nikola] Kwpolska closed issue #3225: Make isso configurable https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/3225
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16:35:43 <ChrisWarrick> it looks like LiveFyre comments are dead, I’ll remove it from Nikola th
16:42:18 <ralsina> ack
16:43:12 <ralsina> Too bad. https://docs.adobe.com/content/help/en/livefyre/using/c-anouncements.html#c_anouncements
16:44:01 <ralsina> blah, they even removed the announcement of discontinuation of the comments feature
16:44:32 <ChrisWarrick> github killed the IRC feature, I pushed the fix straight to master
16:45:31 <ralsina> ack
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17:09:53 <gour> i'm trying markdown-meta with nikola's trunk and same error. do i need some other pacakge to install? pip list does show: Markdown 2.6.11
17:11:28 <gour> here is the traceback: https://pastebin.com/bab8DMbg
17:58:49 <ChrisWarrick> gour: how does your MARKDOWN_EXTENSIONS look in conf.py?
18:01:59 <gour> MARKDOWN_EXTENSIONS = ['fenced_code', 'codehilite', 'extra', 'meta']
18:03:51 <gour> https://pastebin.com/enN5sjR1
18:04:01 <ChrisWarrick> gour: You need to write out the full path
18:04:21 <ChrisWarrick> gour: 'markdown.extensions.meta'   and the same for the other extensions
18:05:31 <gour> ChrisWarrick: hmm, so the docs is not correctatm?
18:06:09 <ChrisWarrick> manual says:  Markdown Metadata only works in Markdown files, and requires the ``markdown.extensions.meta`` extension.
18:06:26 <gour> thanks, with full path it works
18:06:54 <gour> ChrisWarrick: ok, but other etensions do not use full path?
18:07:08 <ChrisWarrick> They do, in the real default line
18:07:15 <ChrisWarrick> the example skips them for brevity
18:11:27 <gour> that's in newer conf.py, in my old one, default example is with the short ones
18:11:36 <gour> in any case, it does work. thanks!
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