Logs for #nikola for 2019-01-12

17:49:54 <randanium> hi guys
17:50:00 <randanium> great work with nikola
17:50:12 <randanium> i'm a newbie trying to get a page up and going and looking to get some help
17:50:34 <randanium> i'm more familiar with python, but not a web developer
17:52:00 <randanium> i'd like to replicate the front page of the getnikola site
17:52:17 <randanium> which has the graphics, and the main box at the top
17:52:25 <randanium> with the menu bar with arrows and links to different pages
17:52:34 <randanium> however, was it done with rst?
17:52:47 <randanium> is there a sample rst file I can take a look to replicate it?
17:53:03 <randanium> the other site that i really like is https://www.matthewallcock.co.uk/
17:53:39 <randanium> i'm trying to understand how he got the subscribe for updates boxes, and also his contact webpage where you can key in the name e-mail and message
17:53:55 <randanium> was all of this done with rst? or html tags in an rst?
17:57:03 <felixfontein> https://github.com/getnikola/nikola-site
17:57:14 <felixfontein> that's the source code of getnikola.com
17:58:40 <randanium> thanks felix
17:58:44 <randanium> i'll start from there
18:21:26 <randanium> hi felix
18:21:30 <randanium> i just cloned the page
18:21:34 <randanium> the nikola-site
18:21:57 <randanium> and the index page is a html file so basically is it right to assume that the front page of the getnikola.com is actually html and not rst?
18:28:25 <gour> is #2475 (YAML config) still on the radar?
19:08:09 <gour> using emoji plugin with asciidoc markup seems not to work: https://pastebin.com/9dAk31FR ?
19:18:12 <ChrisWarrick> gour: The aciidoc plugin is apparently broken, and YAML config might come one day
20:18:59 <felixfontein> ls
20:19:04 <felixfontein> oops