Logs for #nikola for 2019-01-07

09:36:11 <KwBot> [plugins] matclab opened issue #294: [sphinx_roles] abbr eplanation not taken into account https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/issues/294
10:11:39 <matclab> Hello, can you tell me if  there is a simple way to produce <span class="foo">some words</span> with restructured text format (apart using shortcodes) ?
13:16:18 <ralsina> :foo:`some words`
13:16:38 <ralsina> You will need to first do .. role:: foo
13:16:42 <ralsina> matclab: ^
13:25:12 <KwBot> [plugins] ralsina assigned issue #294 to ralsina: [sphinx_roles] abbr eplanation not taken into account https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/issues/294
13:28:07 <CRCinAU> hmmm
13:28:22 <CRCinAU> so how can I stop the html DOCTYPE, body tags etc from making it into a template?
13:30:04 <CRCinAU> ie I'm using SSI to include a sidemenu in the templates
13:30:32 <CRCinAU> however, I'm getting: <!DOCTYPE html><html><body> etc as part of that sidebar template
13:30:52 <CRCinAU> and of course, the </body></html> at the end of the sidebar template
13:41:54 <ralsina> CRCinAU: how are you generating that?
13:42:12 <ralsina> CRCinAU: but basically, use a template that doesn't inherit/extend other templates
13:42:33 <ralsina> CRCinAU: if you inherit base.tmpl or something like that it will always build a whole page
13:45:09 <CRCinAU> I'm not sure how I turn off the inherits :\
13:45:51 <CRCinAU> I use a 'sidemenu.rst' in pages/
13:46:02 <CRCinAU> then added two templates to my theme
13:46:29 <CRCinAU> mostly lifted from ChrisWarrick's hints here: https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/blob/master/site/files/assets/js/pkgindex.js https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/tree/master/site/templates https://raw.githubusercontent.com/getnikola/plugins/master/site/pages/sidemenu.rst
13:46:53 <CRCinAU> but I use an apache SSI instead of the javascript to load the content into the html files
14:00:24 <CRCinAU> heh:
14:00:25 <CRCinAU> sed -i '1,2d' sidemenu.html
14:00:25 <CRCinAU> sed -i '$ d' sidemenu.html
14:00:30 <CRCinAU> more than one way to skin a cat lol
14:36:39 <ralsina> CRCinAU: ok, if you just put something in pages/ it will by default use the page template. You can add a "template" field in the page's metadata to make it use a different template
14:37:10 <ralsina> I am not 100% sure if Nikola will not still force it to be compliant, but it's worth trying :-)
14:44:52 <felixfontein> it does force it to be compliant
14:45:25 <felixfontein> that's why there is https://plugins.getnikola.com/v7/sidebar/ ;-)
14:48:53 <CRCinAU> felixfontein: I couldn't see how that could work for pages?
14:49:16 <CRCinAU> it did also complain about a missing tag for "Recent Posts" or similar
14:49:28 <CRCinAU> but I'm not quite sure what I did to try that part
14:50:00 <CRCinAU> anyhow, I need to sleep for now. I'll look again tomorrow (well, later today)
14:59:42 <ralsina> Maybe there is room for generic "just make this into a fragment" support
15:07:11 <felixfontein> CRCinAU: short answer: don't use pages.
15:07:15 <felixfontein> (for snippets)
15:08:30 <felixfontein> ralsina: maybe there already is; I haven't looked at that code for ages, but I have this tickle in the back of my head that *maybe* there's already a way to set this via a header field
15:08:58 <ralsina> could be. It's how I was thinking it makes sense to implement it ;-)
15:13:01 <ralsina> then again, that fragment may appear in things like page indexes and so on, and eek
15:15:24 <felixfontein> that's why you shouldn't use pages for such specials ;-)
15:15:51 <ralsina> yep
15:16:10 <ralsina> So, we could have POSTS/PAGES/THINGS :-)
15:16:23 <ralsina> and "things" are not in the timeline at all.
15:16:37 <ralsina> just things that get put into templates and dumped somewhere
15:47:27 <KwBot> [plugins] matclab opened issue #295: [sphinx_roles] ref role not working : ref label is missing https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/issues/295
16:30:49 <matclab> thanks a lot ralsina. 
16:31:17 <ralsina> matclab: I think you are the first person ever to use these sphinx compat things for real :-)
16:31:24 <ralsina> matclab: so thanks for the bug reports!
16:33:08 <matclab> :-) I tried a bit to understand what's wrong, but I didn't find within a reasonable timeā€¦ I'll try to get some time to try a bit harder.
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