Logs for #nikola for 2019-01-06

00:26:12 <rixx> the list of posts by year generated by nikola shows the amount of posts in that year, but the list of tags and categories doesn't do the same – is there a reason for this?
00:26:54 <rixx> (thats tags.tmpl and list.tmpl, for reference)
11:19:34 <CRCinAU> ChrisWarrick: sorry, hell of a few days.... 
11:20:07 <CRCinAU> I tried to make that sidemenu.rst thing work, but just got the template copied across... so I think I've missed a point or something
11:30:09 <ChrisWarrick> CRCinAU: sidemenu requires modifications to the base template, a custom sidemenu template, and some JS
11:31:09 <CRCinAU> well, sidemenu ended up just having the template content in it, nothing further
11:31:24 <CRCinAU> and I'd try to use SSI vs javascript - or even keep it in the document itself somehow
11:31:40 <CRCinAU> that whole theory of: Never do at runtime what you can do at compile time :p
11:39:04 <ChrisWarrick> with a sidemenu.rst post, you should get a sidemenu page that is ready for inclusion wherever you want
11:40:55 <ChrisWarrick> s/post/page/
11:46:14 <CRCinAU> ok - so I have sidemenu.rst in pages/
11:46:42 <ChrisWarrick> it produces a sidemenu/index.html file in output
11:46:55 <ChrisWarrick> that file can be included wherever you want the menu to appear
11:47:24 <CRCinAU> wget the sidemenu.tmpl and sidemenu_list.tmpl into themes/material-theme-custom/templates
11:48:21 <CRCinAU> this is what I get out: https://www.crc.id.au/new/pages/sidemenu.html
11:53:17 <ChrisWarrick> something failed here
11:53:58 <ChrisWarrick> are you using a jinja2 theme?
11:54:24 <CRCinAU> material-theme which seems to require bootstrap3-jinja
11:54:39 <ChrisWarrick> yeah
11:54:49 <ChrisWarrick> you’ll need to convert those .tmpl files to jinja2 syntax first
11:58:48 <CRCinAU> is there an auto-magic way to do that?
11:58:56 <CRCinAU> I've never heard of jinja2 before :p
12:02:16 <CRCinAU> also, is the sidemenu only *posts*, or pages?
12:05:36 <ChrisWarrick> it lists what you ask it for
12:06:14 <ChrisWarrick> as for automating the conversion, https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/blob/master/scripts/jinjify.py
12:10:32 <CRCinAU> so it should be: {% if pages %} {% for page in pages %}
12:10:32 <CRCinAU> etc
12:10:43 <CRCinAU> it seems if pages evaluates as false.
12:12:01 <ChrisWarrick> no
12:12:12 <ChrisWarrick> the variable names are `post` and `posts`
12:12:39 <ChrisWarrick> also, the template has a few elements specific to the plugins/themes sites
12:13:24 <CRCinAU> I'm just looking at: view-source:https://www.crc.id.au/new/pages/sidemenu.html
12:14:20 <ChrisWarrick> if you changed `post` to `page` in .tmpl files, undo it
12:15:04 <CRCinAU> yeah - I just redownloaded the sidemenu.tmpl and sidemenu_list.tmpl - then ran them both through that jinjify.py script
12:16:19 <CRCinAU> now the output has: <title>Menu</title>
12:16:34 <CRCinAU> which means I assume this is the sidemenu.tmpl
12:17:01 <CRCinAU> so post.title is being processed
12:17:22 <CRCinAU> but post.text seems to only be <span></span>
12:19:05 <ChrisWarrick> CRCinAU: remove :tags: plugin from sidemenu.rst
12:19:26 <CRCinAU> hahah - I just did that to try too :)
12:19:41 <CRCinAU> from your hint of "there's plugin specific stuff"
12:19:57 <CRCinAU> eyyyyyy :D
12:30:47 <CRCinAU> for the: {% for post in posts %}
12:30:53 <CRCinAU> is there a way to sort that by alpha?
12:31:58 <CRCinAU> ah: :sort: slug_sortable
12:43:19 <ChrisWarrick> slug_sortable is a custom field IIRC
12:47:06 <CRCinAU> yeah, seems to be.
12:47:11 <CRCinAU> :sort: title worked :)
13:10:04 <CRCinAU> almost got the theming right :)
13:10:14 <CRCinAU> I hate CSS in the fact that you fix CSS by adding more CSS :p
13:47:22 <CRCinAU> ok, so my next question......
13:47:37 <CRCinAU> I imported this from wordpress, so I'd like to try and keep the page layouts...
13:48:07 <CRCinAU> is there a way to keep the URLs as /2018/blah/blah/blah instead of moving it to /posts/2018/blah/blah/blah ?
13:48:23 <CRCinAU> right now, it seems to create a redirect index to /posts/blah
13:49:08 <CRCinAU> I guess the same for /pages/blah
15:24:03 <felixfontein> you can set the prefix for posts and pages as whatever you want, there's no need to use /pages/ and /posts/
15:25:43 <felixfontein> you can set the prefix in the POSTS and PAGES configs; the format of the entries is ("path-to-post-sources/*.rst", "prefix/", "template-to-use.tmpl"), and if you use "" instead of "prefix/", there will be no prefix
15:30:02 <CRCinAU> oh
15:30:06 <CRCinAU> thats handy
15:32:34 <CRCinAU> it seems now I have problems with options though......
15:32:40 <CRCinAU> as I get, say: drwxrwxr-x.  2 netwiz netwiz     24 Jan  7 02:30 xplane-in-australia
15:32:43 <CRCinAU> errrr
15:33:08 <CRCinAU> like: /xplane-in-australia.html and /xplane-in-australia/index.html which does a HTML redirect to /xplane-in-australia.html
15:33:25 <CRCinAU> I'd rather have it just have /xplane-in-australia/index.html which is not a redirect
15:38:51 <felixfontein> the redirect is probably caused by some explicit option which creates all the redirects; I guess you can search for xplane-in-australia/index.html or xplane-in-australia.htm in the options to find it
15:39:46 <felixfontein> you also need to set PRETTY_URLS to True, and setting STRIP_INDEXES to True improves URLs as well
15:41:05 <CRCinAU> ahhhh - REDIRECTIONS
15:41:15 <CRCinAU> seems to have been populated with a hell of a lot of stuff when I imported the wordpress data
15:43:38 <CRCinAU> yeah - I'm quite happy with that layout now: https://www.crc.id.au/new/
15:43:45 <CRCinAU> compared to: https://www.crc.id.au/
15:46:48 <CRCinAU> in theory, with those URLs, that should keep all the DISQUS comments working from the Wordpress site to the new site as well.
15:46:51 <CRCinAU> that's a good thing
15:53:12 <felixfontein> the wordpress importer puts A LOT into REDIRECTIONS :) for my wordpress blogs, I made sure that afterwards all URLs were as before
15:53:22 <felixfontein> (but that's a couple of years ago now, so I don't remember all details anymore...)
16:21:41 <CRCinAU> hrrrm
16:21:48 <CRCinAU> it does seem that all my comments are gone :\
16:51:43 <CRCinAU> yay - fixed... 
16:51:55 <CRCinAU> Deleted *all* my site data in disqus, then re-imported the WP export of comments.
17:10:08 <felixfontein> it's always good to have a backup ;)
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