Logs for #nikola for 2019-01-05

06:23:48 <CRCinAU> ChrisWarrick: I've tried just about everything I can figure out and can't get that working :(
06:24:11 <CRCinAU> it seems like nikola works perfectly with posts, but if you try to mix them with pages, you're hosed :\
09:52:08 <ChrisWarrick> CRCinAU: they work just fine
09:52:55 <ChrisWarrick> CRCinAU: sidebars are slightly harder, but still doable.  show what you've tried
12:13:39 <CRCinAU> I would actually like to work it in myself to a template or something if I could figure out how to enumerate the pages in alphabetical order.
12:25:36 <ChrisWarrick> CRCinAU: Templates can’t access the list of pages on your site in any way by default. This is required for incremental rebuilds.
12:31:27 <ChrisWarrick> Recommended solutions/workarounds involve JS or server-side includes.  They are fairly easy to do with the post-list feature.