Logs for #nikola for 2018-12-13

00:10:44 <belkinsa> o/.  Awesome generator! Question: is there a way to change the categories page to where each category can be expained?
00:40:24 <belkinsa> And also, how to make sub-menus within NAVIGATION_LINKS?  For some reason, I can't figure it out and the docs don't help.
10:17:33 <hardening> hi guys, I have a very strange behaviour here with last nikola
10:20:33 <hardening> my website is built using nikola for years now and I wrote a new post (markdown syntax) yesterday and for some reason if I put something like "<img class="alignright" src="../../images/twisted.png" width="100px">" at the beginning of the .md file, this fragment is not emitted in the output
10:21:27 <hardening> all my other posts have the same at the beginning and they are generated correctly
10:21:56 <hardening> does it ring any bell ?
10:25:06 <hardening> even better is that if I take that single post and put it in a fresh and clean nikola instance, it gets generated correctly
10:27:57 <hardening> I tried moving the img statement in the post and sometime it gets generated correctly, sometime it makes the full block disappearing
10:29:28 <hardening> the same post with just the img statement is generated empty, really strange !
11:46:32 <djmoch> ralsina: responded again to the Github issue. the problem appears to exist moving from the cache to the output folder.
12:59:20 <ralsina> hardening: could be something with the metadata extraction that is new code, and it may be affected by some option that differs between the two installations
12:59:47 <ralsina> hardening: if you could create an issue with attached site config and example markdown post, much appreciated
13:00:12 <hardening> ralsina: if I had a nbsp; a the beginning of the post, the img is generated correctly
13:00:36 <ralsina> then yes, it's probably a bug
13:00:54 <hardening> ralsina: I will push the site and give you the post reference
13:01:02 <ralsina> can you check if the correspoding file in cache/ has the problem?
13:02:04 <hardening> ralsina: it does
14:16:12 <ralsina> hardening: cool, that makes it easier to find the bug
18:27:21 <KwBot> [nikola] hardening opened issue #3191: Strange rendering of markdown pages https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/3191