Logs for #nikola for 2018-11-20

12:28:03 <ralsina> If you really, really want to just serve static pages, then there are things that are even simpler than nginx, BUT it's probably not worth it. Setting up nginx for only static files with lestencrypt takes 5 minutes and you never have to look at it again, ever.
12:29:03 <ralsina> Although yes, caddy looks awesome
12:32:27 <felixfontein> caddy will get a Let's Encrypt cert for you, so it's even less work. though I've never tried caddy yet...
13:12:49 <ChrisWarrick> Caddy had a terrible episode wrt licensing in the past
13:18:58 <felixfontein> hmm
13:19:00 <felixfontein> just reading about that
13:20:01 <felixfontein> I think I completely missed that!
13:36:02 <ChrisWarrick> tl;dr: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=15238315
13:41:39 <felixfontein> doesn't sound that bad; as long as you don't use their binaries everything's fine
14:56:54 <ralsina> nah, that means we have gone from "I need to install it" to "I need to build it"
14:57:06 <ralsina> It means it is more work than nginx, not less
15:26:57 <felixfontein> if there's someone who builds it for you so you can install it simply via your package manager, it's still no problem. no idea if any distribution includes it, though...
15:30:44 <ralsina> felixfontein: I checked, no major distro does. I suppose it's somewhere in Arcdh like everything else
15:31:12 <ralsina> And with that license caveat, no major distro ever will, either
16:06:43 <felixfontein> yep, probably...
17:18:46 <ChrisWarrick> to be fair, they backtracked from that