Logs for #nikola for 2018-11-18

20:53:57 <sigmapie8> I am trying to deploy nikola made site to a digital ocean $5 droplet but I see that I have to setup a server first. Any suggestions on what server should I use? given that I am really new to this stuff.
21:12:39 <jmcp> sigmapie8: nikola will actually do that for you too, if you need.   nikole help serve
21:13:02 <felixfontein> I don't think it's a good idea to use that for production
21:13:24 <jmcp> felixfontein: quite possibly; but you have to start with something
21:14:00 <sigmapie8> felixfontein jmcp can you please elaborate on why it's not a good idea for production?
21:14:04 <jmcp> sigmapie8: have you read through   https://webdesigntester.com/setup-own-webhosting-vps-server-ubuntu-linux/
21:14:06 <felixfontein> it might be easier to get some webspace somewhere, where someone else is doing the hosting. it will probably be cheaper, and you don't have to take care of administering the server (remember, you need to install security updates regularly, random problems can happen, etc, ...)
21:14:44 <jmcp> felixfontein: you and your "let's do things right" attitude... it'll never catch on  :p
21:14:45 <sigmapie8> felixfontein, let's say I want to do that stuff in order to learn.
21:15:09 <felixfontein> sigmapie8: as opposed to a dedicated webserver, nikola serve is a HTTP-only development server which is not hardened for real life usage
21:15:43 <felixfontein> sigmapie8: sure, feel free to do that :) I just want you to know that there are easier ways, in case you don't want to have all the included hassle ;)
21:16:12 <sigmapie8> felixfontein, thanks :) 
21:16:35 <sigmapie8> jmcp, I read it. So you think I should go for apache?
21:17:47 <sigmapie8> I was also looking at twisted.
21:18:06 <sigmapie8> but I guess it requires some expertise
21:18:07 <felixfontein> I personally find nginx easier to configure than apache
21:18:24 <sigmapie8> felixfontein, noted.
21:18:31 <felixfontein> you might also want to try caddy
21:18:52 <felixfontein> it seems to be very easy to use, and supports automatic https (via Let's Encrypt)
21:19:12 <felixfontein> (https://caddyserver.com/)
21:19:22 <sigmapie8> cool, checking it :)
21:21:18 <sigmapie8> seems like I can work with it, I'll give it shot. Thanks felixfontein 
21:25:37 <jmcp> sigmapie8: I'm most familiar with apache, it's pretty easy to get setup
21:25:42 <jmcp> I believe nginx is also
21:33:05 <felixfontein> yep, it is
21:46:34 <[Tritium]> that...was a confusing interaction to me.  To me, nikola is a solution to a problem that having root to a server does not generally present
22:06:12 <ChrisWarrick> [Tritium]: huh?
22:15:01 <[Tritium]> ChrisWarrick: in my mind if you are starting with "I have a vps, and i want to install a blog", I don't default to an SSG and consider what to install to support that, i start by looking at CMSes.  If I have to support and update the server anyways, supporting a cms is not that big of a deal.
22:16:50 <ChrisWarrick> [Tritium]: I prefer something like Markdown/reST to messing with a WYSIWYG editor, WordPress theming is an unholy mess, and I don’t feel like setting up varnish if I can just have a neat static site
22:17:13 <[Tritium]> fair
22:39:44 <ChrisWarrick> also, you can get wordpress hosting for free as well