Logs for #nikola for 2018-11-09

19:59:01 <sigmapie8> Hi
20:00:02 <ChrisWarrick> hello
20:00:23 <sigmapie8> I got started with nikola today. Can anyone tell me how can I tweak the address of the page? Like if I want to add a page but don't want the address bar to show as mtsite.com/pages/new-page
20:00:32 <sigmapie8> ChrisWarrick, hey
20:01:15 <ChrisWarrick> what do you want to show it as?  just mysite.com/new-page?  then edit PAGES in conf.py and set the second parameter to an empty string
20:01:46 <sigmapie8> ChrisWarrick, yes exactly that. Thanks :) I'll try that. 
20:02:01 <sigmapie8> BTW I found Nikola really beginner friendly
20:02:30 <sigmapie8> sigmapie8, I wish more projects were like that
20:10:49 <ralsina> sigmapie8: really happy to hear that :-)
20:20:34 <sigmapie8> whois ralsina 
20:20:44 <sigmapie8> oops :)
20:20:48 <ralsina> missing a / there I think :-)
20:20:51 <sigmapie8> yeah
20:21:34 <ralsina> https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/graphs/contributors :-)
20:22:27 <sigmapie8> ralsina, :)
20:22:39 <ralsina> BTW, ChrisWarrick how did you add 660 KLOC ???? That's a LOT :-D
20:23:40 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: bower_components + npm_assets
20:23:48 <ralsina> makes sense