Logs for #nikola for 2018-10-14

00:00:28 <jstein> can you paste your conf.py to a pastebin?
00:00:51 <jstein> djmoch: ^^
00:31:59 <djmoch> jstein: sure. hang on.
00:33:26 <djmoch> jstein: http://ix.io/1p5S
00:44:37 <djmoch> i'm back to thinking it's a problem with my index.rst
00:47:25 <djmoch> hmm ... removing the spaces from "Social Media Links" fixes the issue
00:49:15 <djmoch> which appears to be due to the "id" that rst2html gives to the section div
00:50:12 <djmoch> with spaces, rst2html defaults to id="social-media-links", which at least Firefox doesn't like
00:50:27 <djmoch> but id="socialmedialinks" is fine
00:51:21 <djmoch> that's a weird one. anyway, i gotta run. thanks for the help, jstein!
08:13:09 <ChrisWarrick> djmoch: With the default theme at least, your site looks fine in Firefox 62 on macOS
10:18:13 <djmoch> ChrisWarrick: That's interesting. I'm also using Firefox 62, but on Linux. I'd have to do more testing to figure out why it's happening, but for now I have a workaround.