Logs for #nikola for 2018-09-23

09:48:49 <charlesay> i think it's bad that in v8 it is necessary to (re)install bootstrap3 to continue using it. I was surprised last night when i tried to build my site, and it suddenly looked broken with bootstrap4 and bootblog4 (btw, those names...) because the navigation bar wasn't working and the layout of a few things was off.
09:50:44 <charlesay> i actually thought of checking the themes documentation page but missed the note that bootstrap3 now requires installation. 
09:52:11 <charlesay> the warning that nikola issues when it is swapping bootstrap3 for 4 should point out that to stay with 3, it has to be installed.  
09:52:49 <charlesay> but also, it shouldn't have gone missing quite suddenly in the first place i think 
10:00:15 <gour> charlesay: still, i like nikola considering it's one of the very best options when it comes to static-site-generators...have you read https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17942395 - iow. how many people are complaining about Hugo despite its stellar performance. Nikola is very stable, but, at the same time, with lots of features
10:14:48 <charlesay> no one's said nikola isn't great. just the update process in this case was... rough
10:17:23 <gour> charlesay: it's not so common to have 7.x -> 8.x upgrade ;)
10:17:48 <felixfontein> how long ago was the last major version upgrade (6->7), actually?
10:18:23 <felixfontein> I started with 7.x, and that's already quite some years ago (was it 2014 maybe?)
10:19:28 <felixfontein> 7.0.0 was released in may 2014 (https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/releases/tag/v7.0.0)
10:19:29 <gour> https://getnikola.com/blog/nikola-v700-released.html
10:21:30 <gour> i've installed orgmode plugin in 8.0 and created test post, but I get the following:
10:21:32 <gour> https://paste.debian.net/1043780/
10:22:09 <gour> anyone using orgmode within Nikola? that's (for me) one very strong "selling points" since not many ssg-s support that markup
10:22:45 <felixfontein> charlesay: did you have THEME = "bootstrap3" in your conf.py? or did you rely on the default value by omitting THEME?
10:23:38 <felixfontein> gour: I don't. Can you run it with NIKOLA_SHOW_TRACEBACKS=1?
10:24:06 <felixfontein> (i.e. run   NIKOLA_SHOW_TRACEBACKS=1 nikola build -a   on comand line)
10:25:05 <Disconsented> ' In order to use the Chart directive, you must install the "pygal" Python package. ' however I have it installed via pip 'Requirement already satisfied: pygal in /usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages (2.4.0)'
10:25:19 <gour> felixfontein: here it is https://paste.debian.net/1043781/ with the org-meta at the top
10:28:36 <felixfontein> gour: maybe the metadata parsing for orgmode works differently and extracts the date from somewhere else? it seems to extract it as an empty string.
10:29:36 <ChrisWarrick> Disconsented: are you sure it’s accessible from the same environment Nikola uses?
10:31:36 <felixfontein> I don't think the orgmode conf.py.sample should still mention 'stories'
10:33:21 <Disconsented> How would I check?
10:33:30 <Disconsented> Installed via the arch package
10:33:59 <felixfontein> gour: I've created a new test site, installed orgmode, added your posts, but for me `nikola build` works
10:34:17 <felixfontein> (I'm using the master branch, though, not v8.0.0)
10:35:25 <charlesay> felixfontein: i had bootstrap3 set explicitly
10:38:21 <gour> felixfontein: thank you for testing it...i'll try from the scratch and/or via master branch
10:38:21 -NikolaService|GH:#nikola- [plugins] felixfontein created stories-are-gone (+1 new commit): https://git.io/fAFU6
10:38:21 -NikolaService|GH:#nikola- plugins/stories-are-gone 08b2ae5 Felix Fontein: Stores are called pages nowadays.
10:38:56 -NikolaService|GH:#nikola- [plugins] felixfontein opened pull request #286: Stores are called pages nowadays (master...stories-are-gone) https://git.io/fAFUi
10:39:19 <felixfontein> gour: good luck, in any case! :)
10:44:45 -travis-ci:#nikola- [PLUGINS] getnikola/plugins#1487 (stories-are-gone - 08b2ae5 : Felix Fontein): The build passed.
10:44:45 -travis-ci:#nikola- [PLUGINS] Change view: https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/commit/08b2ae5aad4f
10:44:45 -travis-ci:#nikola- [PLUGINS] Build details: https://travis-ci.org/getnikola/plugins/builds/432098045
11:08:34 <gour> any hint about this one: https://paste.debian.net/1043785/ ?
11:08:56 <gour> single-post-site...nikola @master
11:17:42 <felixfontein> that's very strange
11:21:02 <gour> oops, iot looks that the post is not just a simple one...let me try to trim it
11:24:32 <gour> trimmed the post to the one sentence as pasted and same thing
11:31:58 <felixfontein> shouldn't there be a # before +END_COMMENT?
11:32:12 <felixfontein> also: do you ahve a newline before #+BEGIN_COMMENT?
11:34:13 <gour> felixfontein: yes, missing hash at the end was a problem :-(
11:35:21 <felixfontein> interestingly. for me, not having the missing hash didn't cause a problem (except that the resulting post looked bad ;) )
11:41:25 -NikolaService|GH:#nikola- [plugins] Kwpolska closed pull request #286: Stores are called pages nowadays (master...stories-are-gone) https://git.io/fAFUi
11:42:00 <felixfontein> 'stores' in issue title should have been 'stories' :)
11:44:27 <ChrisWarrick> gour: try creating a new site and installing the orgmode plugin there? perhaps you’ve got an old copy of the plugin?
11:46:05 <gour> ChrisWarrick: with that missing # at the end it works ok...now there are other issues (e.g. image links) like the stuff discussed here: https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/issues/255 so i wonder what could be done to imporve orgmode support in Nikola?
11:46:41 <gour> besides Hugo and ox-hugo (https://ox-hugo.scripter.co/doc/image-links/), Nikola is the only ssg with decent support for orgmode...
11:46:51 <ChrisWarrick> gour: There are a bunch of orgmode issues.  What do we need?  More people who know how orgmode/emacs works
11:48:19 <gour> ox-hugo does translate orgmode markup into Blackfriday markdown (native Golang implementation). would such approach be feasible for Nikola with the possibility to maybe do orgmode-->rst before building?
11:48:42 <ChrisWarrick> not really
11:48:56 <gour> why not?
11:49:01 <ChrisWarrick> rst is complicated and doesn’t have that many benefits
11:49:20 <gour> ok, then orgmode --> markdown?
11:49:36 <ChrisWarrick> what’s wrong with orgmode → html?
11:49:36 <gour> like ox-hugo does it?
11:49:51 <gour> e.g. http://www.frankliu.org/posts/org-mode-image-location/
11:50:23 <ChrisWarrick> Uh, markdown won’t magically solve that
11:51:35 <gour> orgmode does support many parameters to be passed along and the current plugin is crippled in that regard
11:53:06 <gour> see Org to Hugo sections in the sidebat at: https://ox-hugo.scripter.co/
11:56:43 <gour> iow. it's not just the question of #+attr_html: support...
11:56:48 <ChrisWarrick> Patches are always welcome.
11:58:23 <ChrisWarrick> The plugin’s been written by one person and hasn’t seen a lot of outside contributors.  And it’s not easy work, since a contributor needs both Python and elisp skills.
11:58:42 <gour> sure, i am just questioning about the approach, iow. converting orgmode into something else before doing html instead of the current method to go straight from orgmode --> html?
12:00:31 <ChrisWarrick> None of these ox-hugo features require going through markdown along the way
12:04:04 <gour> sure, markdown is anyway converted to the html at the end. however the point is that one can keep his source files in 'pure' orgmode and have all the features which are convenient in both orgmode as well as in Nikola (e.g. keeping images along with the content)
12:05:27 <ChrisWarrick> keeping images along with content can be done as a HTML post-processing step.
12:05:44 <ChrisWarrick> (And a file-copying task plugin for Nikola.)