Logs for #nikola for 2018-08-28

04:44:09 <hyperreal> How do I use code-blocks on my site? I try the .. code-block:: python syntax but it doesn't seem to work
04:55:52 <Disconsented> rst example?
05:25:20 <jmcp> hyperreal: they work for me, see https://www.jmcpdotcom.com/blog/posts/2018-05-08-solaris-analytics-collections/ and https://www.jmcpdotcom.com/blog/posts/2018-04-03-monitoring-my-inverter/
05:25:45 <jmcp> hyperreal: I've found that the code block works best when you specify the language for it to prettify
05:26:06 <jmcp> eg, I've got   .. code-block:: shell     and    ..code-block:: python
05:36:22 <Disconsented> Thrown into pre tags
05:36:25 <Disconsented> interesting
05:44:33 <jmcp> ah, here we go - in conf.py, I've also go these options enabled: 
05:44:34 <jmcp> MARKDOWN_EXTENSIONS = ['markdown.extensions.fenced_code', 'markdown.extensions.codehilite', 'markdown.extensions.extra', 'markdown.extensions.meta']
05:46:51 <Disconsented> Where are the colours coming from there?
05:46:59 <Disconsented> For the code blocks
05:47:03 <jmcp> I don't know, actually
05:47:36 <jmcp> I'm using the default colour scheme, from boostrap4/assets/css/code.css
05:47:47 <Disconsented> Ah okay its bootstrap
05:52:54 <Disconsented> Ah sweet highlight.js is a thing
07:37:51 <ChrisWarrick> hyperreal: how does it not work?
07:39:28 <ChrisWarrick> hyperreal: there are lots of .. code:: python examples in the handbook
11:26:31 <hyperreal> jmcp, ChrisWarrick: It works now. I had ".. code-block:: python" defined before the code and also all those markdown extensions enabled in my conf.py. The issue was I forget to remove the preformated block syntax (::) that I was using before lol
13:03:16 <hyperreal> ChrisWarrick, ralsina: The code syntax highlighting uses pygments, so is it possible somehow to import other colorschemes than those provided by pygments and use them on my site?
13:09:52 <ChrisWarrick> hyperreal: CODE_COLOR_SCHEME
13:56:44 <hyperreal> Okay, thank you
13:59:19 <hyperreal> Oh, well that variable only sets schemes that are available in the pygments package. I'm talking about external colorschemes
16:33:48 <ChrisWarrick> hyperreal: we don’t have any specific support for that
16:34:06 <hyperreal> Ah okay
16:34:14 <ChrisWarrick> hyperreal: if pygments allow custom installs, use that feature and C_C_S will work.  Otherwise you could disable colorscheme generation and roll your own
16:35:07 <hyperreal> yeah I noticed the conf.py mentioned that if your blog contains code.css or something then the CODE_COLOR_SCHEME does not apply...or something to that effect
16:36:08 <ChrisWarrick> you could generate your own code.css fairly easily
16:36:20 <hyperreal> cool, okay
16:37:09 <hyperreal> is there a specific way to do that? or a template?
16:37:22 <ChrisWarrick> look at any existing code.css file
16:37:28 <hyperreal> okay
20:58:18 <hyperreal> is there a setting to make external links open up in a new browser tab?
20:59:30 <Disconsented> https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Element/a see target