Logs for #nikola for 2018-08-21

14:12:22 <nixfreak> has anyone seen this issue with python 3.6.5 ? - doit.dependency.DatabaseException: db type is dbm.gnu, but the module is not available
14:13:51 <ChrisWarrick> nixfreak: rm .doit.db
14:15:27 <ChrisWarrick> nixfreak: your .doit.db was created by a Python with dbm.gnu support; your current Python lacks that support
14:15:28 <nixfreak> from all scripts 
14:16:34 <nixfreak> is dbm supported in 3.7 ? 
14:17:38 <ChrisWarrick> it does not matter
14:17:51 <nixfreak> nm I got it , thinking to hard about 
14:17:56 <nixfreak> thanks 
14:18:13 <ChrisWarrick> remove your .doit.db files and let Nikola generate new ones on `nikola bulid`.  Make sure they are in .gitignore since they cannot be shared between different Pythons.
14:18:33 <nixfreak> I have everything in a virtualenv 
14:18:36 <ChrisWarrick> And dbm.gnu support depends on how Python was compiled, not its version
14:18:45 <ChrisWarrick> .doit.db lives in the same folder as conf.py
14:18:46 <nixfreak> ahh ok 
14:18:55 <nixfreak> yep I found it 
14:19:02 <nixfreak> it works now 
14:31:43 <nixfreak> ha ha I had to update all kinds of path after upgrade especially gem files for asciidoctor
16:58:09 <nixfreak> how can I ran asciidoctor extensions like asciidoctor-diagram ? 
16:58:48 <nixfreak> Do I need to make another variable like compiler ? 
17:00:33 <ralsina> nixfreak: hmmm I don't know
17:00:43 <ralsina> nixfreak: how do you use them normally?
17:01:21 <nixfreak> asciidoctor -r asciidoctor-diagram <file> 
17:02:01 <ralsina> Quick workaround: create a asciidoctor.sh that does the right thing
17:02:11 <ralsina> and set ASCIIDOC_BINARY to point to it
17:02:31 <ralsina> Real fix: add a ASCIIDOC_OPTIONS option that is added to the command line
17:02:45 <ralsina> should be roughly 3 lines of code in asciidoc.py\
17:04:04 <nixfreak> ok I will look into both , but for the shell script , would it just have the path the binaries ? cause there are two of them 
17:07:17 <ralsina> Something like /foo/bar/whatever/asciidoctor -foo bar $*
17:07:31 <ralsina> That in a text file with a+x permission should do the trick
17:10:02 <ralsina> nixfreak: probably need to use shlex.split() to split that option and use it in the call to subprocess.check_call
17:10:18 <ralsina> nixfreak: if you want I can do a quick PR but you will have to test it :-)
17:10:37 <nixfreak> I can test it 
17:10:45 <ralsina> nixfreak: cool, wait 5 minutes then
17:14:57 -NikolaService|GH:#nikola- [plugins] ralsina created asciidoc-options (+1 new commit): https://git.io/fAUXq
17:14:57 -NikolaService|GH:#nikola- plugins/asciidoc-options 972523f Roberto Alsina: Add support for a ASCIIDOC_OPTIONS option
17:15:02 <ralsina> nixfreak: https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/pull/283
17:15:06 <ralsina> It may even work!
17:15:06 -NikolaService|GH:#nikola- [plugins] ralsina opened pull request #283: Add support for a ASCIIDOC_OPTIONS option (master...asciidoc-options) https://git.io/fAUXm
17:17:58 <nixfreak> k trying now , thanks I will let you know 
17:19:54 -travis-ci:#nikola- [PLUGINS] getnikola/plugins#1474 (asciidoc-options - 972523f : Roberto Alsina): The build passed.
17:19:54 -travis-ci:#nikola- [PLUGINS] Change view: https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/commit/972523f8b71d
17:19:54 -travis-ci:#nikola- [PLUGINS] Build details: https://travis-ci.org/getnikola/plugins/builds/418802401
17:29:12 <nixfreak> hmm don't see travis has merged this yet 
17:29:14 <nixfreak> https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/tree/master/v8/asciidoc
17:29:33 <ralsina> You need to check out the branch I created
17:29:41 <ralsina> I have not merged it untested!
17:29:48 <nixfreak> ok 
17:31:27 <ralsina> This is the whole diff if you don't want to bother checking it out https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/pull/283/files
17:42:56 <nixfreak> I have the file and playing with the options
17:43:13 <nixfreak> plugin compiles fine 
17:43:58 <ralsina> Cool
17:44:10 <ralsina> Let me know if you make it work properly and I will merge it
17:44:37 <nixfreak> sweet thanks , appreciate the help , ok so asciidoctor-diagram isn't a binary 
17:44:48 <ralsina> Hmmm
17:44:54 <nixfreak> just an option for asciidoctor 
17:44:55 <ralsina> what?
17:45:10 <nixfreak> its a gem but no real binary 
17:45:12 <nixfreak> sec 
17:45:33 <ralsina> You just need to put something like "-r asciidoctor-diagram" in ASCIIDOCTOR_OPTIONS
17:45:43 <ralsina> ASCIIDOC_OPTIONS that is
17:46:24 <nixfreak> I have that , seeing if i messed something up 
17:46:32 <ralsina> ok
17:50:18 <nixfreak> ASCIIDOC_BINARY = "/usr/local/bin/asciidoctor"  ASCIIDOC_OPTIONS = "-r asciidoctor-diagram"
17:50:40 <nixfreak> on separate lines of course 
18:00:29 <nixfreak> nope can't get it to render with nikola 
18:01:27 <nixfreak> I appreciate all your help though and taking your time to add a commit to the plugin 
18:01:50 <nixfreak> https://github.com/asciidoctor/asciidoctor-diagram#installation
18:02:56 <ralsina> But what happens when you run it?
18:05:50 <nixfreak> nothing 
18:07:11 <nixfreak> nothing on nikola , but when I just run asciidoctor -r asciidoctor-diagram <file>.txt it will generate a png file 
18:12:30 <nixfreak> and html file 
18:22:32 <ralsina> hmmmm
18:22:48 <ralsina> generating extra files probably means it will not work properly without more configuration
18:23:16 <ralsina> You could debug what the command nikola runs is, and see if it does generate the png file
18:24:33 <ralsina> you probably need AT LEAST to do something using the imagesoutdir option in that asciidoctor extension
18:34:19 <nixfreak> yep I will , just need to do some work first then back to it , thanks 
18:34:28 <nixfreak> I will keep you posted on the debugging