Logs for #nikola for 2018-07-06

09:38:35 <_sfiguser> hello all, i built my site, as explained in the guide, but i can't understand why when i load the main page / it loads a directory listing of my website ? 
09:38:48 <_sfiguser> how can i say that the main page / is actually pages/index ? 
09:38:55 <_sfiguser> ChrisWarrick, 
09:38:58 <_sfiguser> ralsina, 
10:21:27 <ChrisWarrick> _sfiguser: you need to change PAGES
10:21:30 <ChrisWarrick> !notablog
10:21:30 <KwBot> ChrisWarrick: Creating a Site (not a blog): https://getnikola.com/creating-a-site-not-a-blog-with-nikola.html
10:21:37 <ChrisWarrick> _sfiguser: see ↑ for examples and explanation
10:55:07 <_sfiguser> oh yeah i just misread something in the example
10:55:09 <_sfiguser> thanks guys
12:39:53 <sukil> Hi, one question: if I understand it correctly, the deployed posts are calculated: a) with the deploy_* setting in conf; and b) with the date of the post compared to the date of the lastdeploy. Am I right?
13:06:41 <ChrisWarrick> b) no, this would be rsync's job
13:09:18 <ChrisWarrick> as for a), I honestly have no idea if/how that works
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