Logs for #nikola for 2018-06-29

02:42:37 <fofo> Hi!
02:43:13 <fofo> I am trying to enable an nbconvert preprocessor in nikola, but I am not sure how to configure IPYNB_CONFIG
02:43:36 <fofo> Has anybody in here done that before?
03:10:15 <jmcp> fofo: not i, you probably need to wait a few hours until ralsina and/or ChrisWarrick are online again
03:13:24 <fofo> thanks!
03:13:49 <fofo> I found a way to do it, but it seems wrong.
07:46:33 <ChrisWarrick> !tell fofo You don’t need to set IPYNB_CONFIG to anything if you are okay with the default settings (changing COMPILERS and POSTS is enough). Any settings you can change can be found in ipynb docs.
07:46:33 <KwBot> ChrisWarrick: acknowledged.
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14:16:30 <sukil> jasonbraganza: Finally I got around to working out my idea (having micro-posts separate from the main ones, having the main index disabled). Since iirc you asked to see my setup (see navbar for source), here it is: https://www.sukiletxe.eu/
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20:44:07 <ChrisWarrick> ↑ volunteers welcome: all v7 themes need to be changed to use new math_helper.tmpl and baguetteBox. If anyone wants to help out, ping me. ↑