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14:51:25 <nixfreak> looking for a way to create a todo list like org-mode using acsiidoctor , does anyone know of a theme that supports folding like org-mode does ? 
14:53:27 <ralsina> nixfreak: nope
14:53:47 <ralsina> nixfreak: do you have an example of that org-mode feature visible somewhere?
14:55:24 <nixfreak> sure maybe in a video or multiple screen shots 
14:56:34 <nixfreak> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDHE23vl9E0
14:59:10 <nixfreak> basically setup a todo list using asciidoctor and nikola get mimics org-mode todo lists
15:15:40 <ChrisWarrick> nixfreak: you’d need to convince whatever creates html from org mode to create accordions
15:16:20 <ChrisWarrick> nixfreak: modern browsers have a <summary> element for that
15:16:26 <ChrisWarrick> um, <details>
15:18:29 <nixfreak> hmm ok I will look into that , probably have to have code in asciidoctor than when exported to html5 
15:19:05 <ChrisWarrick> s/org mode/asciidoctor/, got confused here
15:19:37 <ChrisWarrick> If asciidoctor supports raw html markup, shouldn’t be hard.  Otherwise, work to add a custom tag to it
15:21:43 <ralsina> Sounds like a job for shortcodes! ;-)
15:23:38 <ralsina> https://jonmiles.github.io/bootstrap-treeview/ would do all the hard work (at least on bootstrap themes)
15:29:48 <nixfreak> thats pretty sweet 
15:30:20 <nixfreak> Thank you this gives me a lot of ideas 
15:35:18 <ralsina> nixfreak: I am tempted to try doing a quick shortcode  :-)
15:38:37 <ralsina> boo, treeview seems to be bootstrap 3 only
16:22:34 <ChrisWarrick> there should be an accordion example in bootstarp docs
16:26:19 <nixfreak> I created something quick using <details> tag but that using passthrough with asciidoctor  so its only raw html 
16:26:39 <nixfreak> https://asciidoctor.org/docs/asciidoc-syntax-quick-reference/