Logs for #nikola for 2018-06-21

14:21:36 <ralsina> sukil jasonbraganza: if your microposting platform provides RSS/Atom you probably want to take a look at my "continuous integration plugin". I use it to fetch things from my youtube / goodreads feeds and repost them in my blog. I **suppose** we could add the concept of "posts from this category don't go in the main index" if we don't have it yet, and that should work?
14:23:36 <jasonbraganza> ralsina my use case is that i write tiny posts, (progress posts) that seem to clutter up the main page for me. 
14:23:54 <ralsina> jasonbraganza: all the more reason to have a "hidden category" thing
14:24:30 <ralsina> In fact, it would be nice because it would create a twitter backup copy in case twitter ever goes away, for example
14:24:32 <sukil> ralsina: That would be an option, if I wanted a main index and if I wanted to post somewhere else, then on my site
14:24:32 <jasonbraganza> I’d be a really happy camper if this became a thing :) thank you for considering it
14:24:47 <jasonbraganza> ralsina ^
14:24:50 <ralsina> I would be happer if one of you did it ;-)
14:25:01 <ralsina> hint hint wink wink
14:25:23 <ralsina> But sure, let's create an issue, we/I/someone/you will get around to it eventually :-)
14:25:51 <jasonbraganza> ralsina, i know :) but sadly I’m still *really* new to this thing. Maybe this could be my contribution to open source, if no one gets aound to this! I’d love to take it on
14:26:16 <sukil> ralsina: I want to post on my site, then somewhere else, so that's not an option for me, though I do understand that others would be happy about it
14:26:22 <ralsina> jasonbraganza: it *may* be just a matter of adding a few ifs :-)
14:26:47 <ralsina> sukil: so, you want the OTHER side of things to have a way to import this feed
14:27:09 <ralsina> sukil: so, you could tag those posts and then use the other thing's feature to import the tag feed (if such a thing exists)
14:27:16 <jasonbraganza> ralsina so if I’ve just learnt basic python (no oop yet, and not much real world practice) I should be able to tackle this?
14:27:37 <ralsina> sukil: alternatively, if there is an API for the "other place" then you could do a hook in nikola that pushes to that service
14:28:02 <ralsina> sukil: depends on what the other thing is IFTTT probably has a way
14:28:39 <jasonbraganza> ralsina, like this? https://janusworx.com/categories/dgplug.xml. i use it to target posts to Kushal Das’ planet
14:29:06 <ralsina> jasonbraganza: depends on what you mean by "like this" :)
14:29:28 <ralsina> jasonbraganza: basically, there is a taxonomy plugin that "categorizes things" and creates indexes and feeds
14:29:36 <sukil> ralsina: Soft of. I find myself more inclined to "tweetstorm" than to write in my site, which is rahther sad. So, I've gotten inspired by folks at Indieweb (though I'm not going the whole way, that's waaay too much for me). Though I thought abut your Continuous Import plugin
14:29:44 <ralsina> what we want is to make the main index taxonomy exclude some things
14:29:57 <jasonbraganza> i understand
14:29:58 <ralsina> sukil: I am very interested in usecases
14:30:32 <ralsina> sukil: so, if you can think how you would want to either have nikola tweetstorm in your behalf or post your unrolled tweetstorms into nikola ... I am all ears :-)
14:31:38 <sukil> ralsina: No idea. I looked if there was a "take this thing, then thread it to Twitter" thing, but there doesn't seem to be any automatic way to do it. So, as I said earlier, I'll just post on my site, then manually paste that in Twittrrp
14:31:46 <jasonbraganza> ralsina, so on a big pic level, what I’m looking at is, exclude posts tagged with “thisTAG” from the main stream
14:31:53 <jasonbraganza> ?
14:32:03 <KwBot> [nikola] ralsina opened issue #3105: Hide a tag/category from the main index https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/3105
14:32:13 <ralsina> jasonbraganza: something like that, yes
14:32:49 <ralsina> sukil: I can think of some ways to do it. Sounds like an interesting problem :-)
14:32:54 <jasonbraganza> holy cow and it comes to life! :)
14:33:16 <ralsina> Welcome to the world of free software, where crap one says on IRC becomes code ;-)
14:33:59 <sukil> ralsina: interesting. Tell me more.
14:34:52 <ralsina> sukil: suppose you could write a post and tag it "tweetstorm". Then as part of deployment it's turned into a twitter thread and the tag is removed (or something so it doesn't happen twice)
14:35:10 <ralsina> Then you just write as normal, it appears in your site as normal, and it gets twitted nicely
14:35:24 <ralsina> There are a ton of interesting problems such as "how do I break things in tweets"
14:35:31 <ralsina> But that is just programming
14:35:58 <sukil> ralsina: Oic. With a new Twitter application, I suppose. Didn't think of it
14:36:30 <sukil> ralsina: If I'm lazy / not lazy enough I might tackle this
14:37:42 <sukil> ralsina: Because I fear that if I don't do it, then I'd prefer "my own way" (happened before with a feature I suggested for a plugin, shame on me)
14:38:18 <ralsina> sukil: one of the good things about plugins is that we can have similar ones that do the same thing slightly different
14:38:34 <ralsina> sukil: BTW, what plugin was that? Let me know if I can make it more useful for you!
14:39:11 <jasonbraganza> ralsina, today is Christmas? :P
14:39:54 <ralsina> jasonbraganza: I am not promising anything :-)
14:40:03 <ralsina> jasonbraganza: although I am fat, and my beard is white
14:40:07 <jasonbraganza> ralsina, XD
14:40:43 <sukil> ralsina: It was static_comments. I suggested that yaml formatted comments was added to it, then thought "wait, I don't like that posts go alongside comments, let's do it the dirty way" (ref.: https://github.com/sukiletxe/sukiletxe.eu, I can't remember the issue were I suggested the first thing)
14:41:10 <ralsina> sukil: hmmm looks like an easy-ish change
14:41:23 <ralsina> Anyway, instead of threads, how about tweet moments?
14:41:26 <sukil> ralsina: never mind, I've already done it
14:41:41 <ralsina> Ah, cool
14:42:01 <sukil> ralsina: what's that?
14:42:09 <ralsina> It's like a thread
14:42:14 <ralsina> Nah, threads are ok
14:42:51 <sukil> ralsina: I basically took your idea from staticman_data, then tweaked it a bit to support anonimity
14:43:29 <jasonbraganza> ralsina, rading this id definitely making me impatient to learn and contribute :)
14:43:37 <jasonbraganza> s rading /reading
14:43:50 <ralsina> jasonbraganza: good!
14:44:24 <jasonbraganza> ralsina, another dumb question?
14:45:02 <jasonbraganza> if I want to play with nikola code, I just get it and try stuff?
14:46:00 <jasonbraganza> and when I ever get to the point where I think I have something, is there … uh … a process to give it to you for approval or something?
14:47:08 <ralsina> jasonbraganza: indeed!
14:47:19 <ralsina> jasonbraganza: allow me to point you in the direction of a book I am writing :-)
14:47:30 <jasonbraganza> please do!
14:47:38 <ralsina> https://ralsina.gitlab.io/boxes-book/part3/git.run.html and https://ralsina.gitlab.io/boxes-book/part3/git_hosting.run.html
14:48:01 <ralsina> Not really finished but those chapters explain git, and how to do PRs to github / gitlab
14:48:18 <jasonbraganza> talk about massive seredipity :)
14:48:27 <jasonbraganza> thank you very much ralsina :)
14:48:51 <ralsina> In fact, if you have learned things like syntax and want to learn how to turn that skill into actual code development, I would love your feedback on the whole book
14:49:10 <jasonbraganza> ralsina, done!
14:58:53 <jasonbraganza> ralsina, what’s the best way to give feedback on the book?
14:59:05 <ralsina> jasonbraganza: probably just telling me :-)
14:59:28 <ralsina> You can add inline comments, but there is no way to know when someone comments, so you could add them and then let me know "I added comments in this page"
14:59:53 <jasonbraganza> I can?! cool :) 
14:59:59 <ralsina> Or rather, there is a way to know when they are added but I need to write something to do it
15:00:07 <ralsina> jasonbraganza: yes, just select some text and comment on it
15:00:26 <jasonbraganza> yes, it popped up :)
15:04:26 <sukil> ralsina: Oh, before I forget, one suggestion: I believe shortcodes and directives should be demonstrated in the demo site, because afaik the only way to learn about them is to break the commandment of the manual, which is... ¬¬
15:04:28 <sukil> :D
15:04:39 <ralsina> sukil: GOOD POINT
15:04:52 <ralsina> There is no way to guess what they are / do
15:06:16 <jasonbraganza> which is... ?
15:06:20 <sukil> I love that part, btw. But it's great that that doesn't excuse the author from writing a comprehensive thing (yes, I'm guilty of breaking it, I always do it)
15:06:52 <jasonbraganza> The “Just Use the thing?”
15:07:35 <ralsina> jasonbraganza: yes
15:07:58 <jasonbraganza> ralsina, that is was actually got me to dive in head first :)
15:08:02 <ralsina> In my book I have like a whole page after each section telling the reader that it's perfectly ok to stop reading it :-)
15:08:40 <ralsina> like "ok, you now have learned this and that, that whould be enough for so and so, if that is what you want, just go and do it, come back later"
15:09:10 <jasonbraganza> ralsina, i still haven’t read the entire manual yet :)
15:09:17 <ralsina> jasonbraganza: it's pretty long
15:09:41 <jasonbraganza> not really!
15:09:49 <jasonbraganza> you’re quite concise
15:09:53 <sukil> I have, although I have an advantage: I get the manual read
15:10:11 <jasonbraganza> I need to figure out tagged rss feeds. I just went to that section and figured it ourt :)
15:10:44 <jasonbraganza> sukil, as in read by someine?
15:11:11 * ralsina may do the audiobook someday and you can all laugh at his accent
15:11:14 <sukil> jasonbraganza: sort of. By a synthetic voice
15:11:28 <jasonbraganza> sukil aah
15:11:53 <jasonbraganza> ralsina, i promise not to! :)
15:14:00 <sukil> ralsina: nah.
15:14:25 <ralsina> <obscure> I sound like Jimmy Gibler's husband in Fuller House</obscure>
15:14:55 <ralsina> s/Jimmy/Kimmy/
15:15:40 <jasonbraganza> ralsina, OH, PLEASE DO THE AUDIO BOOK THEN! XD
15:16:38 <ralsina> Have you seen Fuller House? I thought I was the only one :-)
15:16:58 <ralsina> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJ8EDRMwUrE
15:17:58 <jasonbraganza> ralsina I love it :) 
15:18:14 <jasonbraganza> my cheesy childhood, now extended XP
15:18:56 <ralsina> Watch the "one day at a time" remake, it's even better :-)
15:18:56 <sukil> <ot>Good, now I have something to watch. Plus it's an original iirc, so audio description</ot>
15:19:25 <jasonbraganza> sukil, what are the ot tags?
15:19:27 <ralsina> sukil: "Fuller House" is really really really bad
15:19:36 <ralsina> sukil: but hey, we like it anyway
15:19:48 <sukil> jasonbraganza: off topic
15:19:58 <jasonbraganza> aah :)
15:20:21 <jasonbraganza> ralsina, that is true :)
15:23:31 <sukil> You haven't watched yu-gi-oh, have you? It's literally "the script needs it, so here comes" plus "let's fill this saga with flashbacks" always. But people (including me) like it a lot
15:25:22 <ChrisWarrick> I just put the handbook through the macOS TTS system. It takes 1h 49min.
15:25:54 * jasonbraganza making a list of cheesy. tv
15:26:49 <sukil> ChrisWarrick: normal speed? We blind people are experts in deciphering high ones :D
15:27:15 <ralsina> sukil: I have watched a few hours of yugi-oh with my son and every card should be labeled "deus ex-machina"
15:28:06 <sukil> ralsina: +1000
15:28:53 <ChrisWarrick> here are a few short samples: https://chriswarrick.com/pub/handbook-tts/
15:30:43 <ralsina> WTF
15:30:54 <sukil> ChrisWarrick: I'm currently using eSpeak at 630 wpm
15:30:56 <ralsina> Do people actually use that to listen to things?
15:31:10 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: the last one, yes
15:31:17 <ralsina> OK, the last one makes sense
15:31:21 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: the first two, probably not, at least not to be serious
15:34:03 <sukil> ralsina: I wouldn't use them for anything serious, but they're fun
15:35:04 <sukil> ralsina: besides they're based on an older synth called Dectalk which was (is, if you can get it) able to sing, so I believe they're like an homage to it
15:35:10 <ChrisWarrick> (FYI, the 1:49 estimate was done with Samantha at the default speed setting)
15:35:42 <ralsina> The pipe organs sample is clearly singing
15:40:27 <ChrisWarrick> (I added one more serious sample)
15:41:39 <sukil> ChrisWarrick: Do you have Alex? If so, try it, it's the most natural of them,though much prone to start spelling out words it doesn't know how to pronounce
15:41:51 <ChrisWarrick> I really dislike Alex’s sound
15:42:06 <sukil> ChrisWarrick: It even breathes with punctuation (not joking)
15:42:26 <sukil> oh, why?
15:42:52 <sukil> I dislike it at high speeds because it's less intelligible
15:43:58 <jasonbraganza> sukil, you really listen to that?!
15:44:13 <sukil> jasonbraganza: to what?
15:44:55 <jasonbraganza> stuf through a TTS reader? I just heard ChrisWarrick’s samples and they were, well, not pleasant
15:45:08 <ChrisWarrick> the first and last one are the voices a sane person would use
15:45:25 <jasonbraganza> ChrisWarrick and I heard the last one!
15:45:42 <sukil> jasonbraganza: I have no alternative besides having a braille display, and that's way too slow for me to do it permanently.
15:46:23 <jasonbraganza> sukil, christ! your vision is that impaired?!
15:46:51 <sukil> jasonbraganza: yes, quite. So much that I can't perceive even light
15:47:22 <jasonbraganza> you’re my hero sukil! 
15:47:25 <sukil> jasonbraganza: I use this one, although with a higher speed, which is less unpleasant: http://espeak.sourceforge.net/samples/raven.ogg
15:47:46 <sukil> jasonbraganza: why?
15:49:03 <sukil> jasonbraganza: Trust me, with time you get accustomed to the voice, stop complaining and listen to the message. Happened to me
15:49:48 <jasonbraganza> sukil, because I was already envious of all your knowledge and skill :) and now you tell me, you do it literally speaking, blindfolded
15:50:19 <jasonbraganza> i don’t know if this came out wrong, but I do mean it. Really
15:50:32 <sukil> jasonbraganza: My what?
15:52:04 <jasonbraganza> sukil, really using the <ot> tag here. You’re the only user other than me (and jmcp) on this forum, I’ve seen in the short while I’ve been here and you guys jump hoops though Nikola :)
15:52:33 <jasonbraganza> and you guys never hesitated to help me with my newbie problems :)
15:53:28 <jasonbraganza> and I see you guys and I see where I am and it seems lie a really yuuuuge yawning gap in skill :) so like I said, tenny bit envious :)
15:53:37 * jasonbraganza goes and hides now 
15:53:50 <jasonbraganza> s /tenny /teensy
15:55:18 <sukil> jasonbraganza: that's why this place exists. And besides, I don't know how more than half of it works internally. There are much more talented people than me who can understand and tinker with it much, much more than me
15:56:58 <jasonbraganza> :)
16:08:37 <ralsina> jasonbraganza: software development is always operating at the edge of what you know how to do, half the time slightly on the outside. So, feeling like a newbie is not a problem, it's a way of life :-)
16:08:55 <ralsina> I am 46 freaking years old and still feel stupid half the time
16:11:09 <jasonbraganza> Well I’m only six years younger
16:11:36 <jasonbraganza> and trying to pivot careers becuase like batman I broke my back :P
16:13:00 <jasonbraganza> I’ve been an IT conultatnt all my life. and now I can’t get a job, becaue I’m old and I haven’t done college :)
16:13:19 <jasonbraganza> so I’m really hanging my hat on this software thing working out for me :)
16:13:57 <sukil> you guys are *old* :P
16:14:04 <jasonbraganza> hahahahahahahahaha
16:16:30 <sukil> I'm almost 22
16:17:00 <jasonbraganza> well, I’m a whole adult of drinking age older than you :P
16:17:20 <sukil> (Btw is this level of off-topic-ness allowed? This is kinda weird, considdering it's being logged)
16:17:50 <jasonbraganza> I’m too old to care :)
16:18:04 <jasonbraganza> but ralsina or ChrisWarrick might :)
16:18:21 <ChrisWarrick> I doubt anyone will
16:19:03 <jasonbraganza> well sukil, there you go :)
16:19:27 <sukil> well, at least this brings a bit of noise to the channnel, sometimes it's too quiet
16:34:36 <ralsina> jasonbraganza: I am a college dropout, my first real coding job was at 42 (was IT guy, had a business, was a manager)
16:34:57 <ralsina> then software architect, and next month switching companies to become PAAS engineering manager
16:35:18 <ralsina> I don't mind offtopic-ness at all
16:35:30 <jasonbraganza> christ ralsina, it’s like I’m your doppelganger!
16:35:50 <ralsina> I did code on my own since I was youg tho
16:35:57 <jasonbraganza> was IT guy, had a business, was a manager has been *exactly* my path so far XP
16:36:19 <ralsina> I only became full-time dev at one point because I burned out as manager
16:39:50 <jasonbraganza> i should heave learnt to code early. options are good ")
16:46:32 <ralsina> I also have washed dishes, digged ditches, cleaned up horse stalls, and was a river sailor for like 2 weeks (turns out I get sick on boats), so I still have things I can try if computers go out of fashion
16:47:29 <jasonbraganza> ralsina, all my options are dead. shoulda tried manual labout :)
16:47:45 <jasonbraganza> i worked as a boy cleaning cnc machines in a tublight factory
16:47:54 <jasonbraganza> repaired old landline phones
16:48:03 <jasonbraganza> trpaired tvs 
16:48:13 <jasonbraganza> and the got into IT :)
16:51:12 <ralsina> hahaha
16:51:25 <ralsina> You are a jynx to industries
16:51:50 <ralsina> I don't think I would be much use cleaning stables at this point either
16:52:02 <ralsina> Maybe if they only have small ponies
16:52:10 <jasonbraganza> :)
16:56:46 <jasonbraganza> this has been fun! but it’s off to bed with me. Good night people :)
16:57:04 <jasonbraganza> And thank you, all of you for being so kind :)