Logs for #nikola for 2018-06-19

06:46:32 <jasonbraganza> any of you folks do micro posts? can I see them somewhere? 
06:48:16 <sukil> jasonbraganza: I'm planning to do something similar. Are you looking for ideas? I can tell you my intended setup.
06:49:34 <sukil> jasonbraganza: Also, do you want to use Micropub or POSSE all of your Twitter? Because I have no idea on how to do that. My plan is to "tweetstorm" on my site, then post them to Twitter, nothing else
06:49:35 <jasonbraganza> sukil, i just mix up all my posts. I wanted to see folks kept the micro post seperately and if so what such a blog looked like. would love to hear baout your setup
06:50:03 <jasonbraganza> sukil, the latter. and not even post them to twitter :P
06:51:26 <sukil> jasonbraganza: My plan is just to create two sections. One blog, one micro. The blog one contains the regular posts, the micro one contains the others. Then I disable the front index (DISABLE_INDEXES = True). The archives are going to be joined together, but imho that's no big deal
06:52:12 <jasonbraganza> aha :) that’s an idea :) would love to see it when you’re done
06:53:07 <jasonbraganza> sukil, some automated way of posting them to twitter? ifttt via rss or something?
06:53:15 <sukil> jasonbraganza: Besides, you could create other two tuples in PAGES with post lists to your other archives, and then put them in the /archive.html file of your sections.
06:53:54 <jasonbraganza> so I’d have two sections?
06:54:12 <jasonbraganza> in the archives I mean
06:55:04 <sukil> jasonbraganza: I don't think you could post the whole thing, except if you are very careful with length
06:55:57 <jasonbraganza> sukil, no , I was just curious as to how you’d do it. I have no interest in posting to twiiter :)
06:56:19 <sukil> jasonbraganza: The "true" (original, provided by Nikola) one, the micro one and the longer entries' one (the last two done with post_list). The problem is that if you wanted to keep it consistent you'd need to use a single archive for the first one
06:56:54 <sukil> jasonbraganza: I'll post them, then copy the thing and use twittrp manually
06:58:27 <jasonbraganza> aah occam’s razor :)
06:58:46 <jasonbraganza> and thank you for sharing. I learn something new everyday :)
06:59:22 <sukil> you're welcome