Logs for #nikola for 2018-06-15

03:50:05 <jasonbraganza> now that I’m happy with my nikola install, i have another neewbie question. hwo do i keep it updated?
03:55:06 <jmcp> jasonbraganza: the code, or your site?
03:55:36 <jasonbraganza> the code, jmcp. sorry ought to have been clearer :)
03:55:59 <jmcp> so what changes did you make to a 'git clone' of the repo?
03:56:22 <jasonbraganza> i pip installed
03:56:42 <jasonbraganza> and modified the css a bit
03:57:04 <jmcp> so that's modifying a theme, rather than the engine itself
03:57:24 <jasonbraganza> understood
03:58:02 <jmcp> since you've pip installed, you can just   pip install -U  to get a new version of the engine
03:59:00 <jasonbraganza> and keep an eye on the nikola blog, for when to update?
03:59:14 <jmcp> yep
03:59:31 <jasonbraganza> merci, jmcp :) you’re very kind :)
03:59:39 <jmcp> you're welcome, and thankyou
04:00:11 <jmcp> I'm running the git master version, otoh, so I have to build it myself and install into a venv
04:00:18 <jmcp> and run the venv's version instead
04:00:37 <jmcp> but I also have my site in a separate dir
04:06:23 <jasonbraganza> you do it so you get acces to the early versions quicker, jmcp?
04:06:29 <jmcp> not entirely
04:07:00 <jmcp> it's more because when I started using Nikola I *really* wanted to have captions for my images, and to be able to force images in my galleries to show in a certain order
04:07:19 <jasonbraganza> aah so that’s only supported in the latest versions?
04:07:22 <jmcp> once I'd hacked that in to a pip-installed v7.8, I figured I should get it into git master
04:07:23 <jmcp> yes
04:08:09 <jasonbraganza> so you just make a new venv everytime there’s a new git release and use that, if I understand correctly jmcp?
04:08:14 <jmcp> pretty much
04:08:22 <jmcp> they're incredibly cheap to create and muck around with
04:08:24 <jmcp> https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/pull/3018
04:09:33 <jasonbraganza> oooh nice :)
04:09:39 <jmcp> you can see the effects of that in https://www.jmcpdotcom.com/blog/posts/2017-03-26-when-a-navy-ship-does-a-handbrake-turn/   and https://www.jmcpdotcom.com/blog/posts/2015-11-27-weve-got-a-new-pool/
04:09:41 <jmcp> thanks :)(
04:09:47 <jasonbraganza> wish i can learn enough to give back too. someday
04:09:55 <jmcp> I'm sure you will
04:10:08 <jmcp> I'm not so hot with javascript or css, but I'm decent-ish with python
04:10:37 <jasonbraganza> that was awesome!
04:10:47 <jasonbraganza> the handbrake turn :)
04:10:55 <jmcp> yes, it truly was an amazing experience
04:11:02 <jmcp> and a little scary, tbh
04:11:14 <jmcp> they got within a few hundred metres of us in a matter of minutes
04:11:32 <jmcp> btw, if you click on any of those images, they pop up
04:11:42 <jasonbraganza> i did that :)
04:11:47 <jmcp> excellent :-)
04:12:02 <jasonbraganza> because I wanted to see the action :)
04:12:04 <jmcp> heh
14:06:52 <ralsina> jasonbraganza: usually github master works so you could just make a clone, do a "python setup develop" into your virtualenv and do it again every few days :-)
14:07:34 <jasonbraganza> i’ll do just that :)
14:07:39 <jasonbraganza> thank you ralsina :)