Logs for #nikola for 2018-06-05

04:34:24 <jasonbraganza> morning folks :)
04:34:34 <jasonbraganza> needed some more theme help with lanyon
04:34:43 <jasonbraganza> here’s a sample post
04:34:43 <jasonbraganza> https://janusworx.com/programming-day-3-vscode-command-line-osx.html
04:36:04 <jasonbraganza> I would like all the tags listed at the bottom to be on a single line seperated by commas, just above the start of the post. (below or above the time published). 
04:36:42 <jasonbraganza> I have no idea what to look at. tried understanding the theming page, but to a noob like me it mostly went above my head
04:37:16 <jasonbraganza> if you could point me to what I need to edit (file or something I need to look at) I’d be grateful
04:46:15 <jmcp> jasonbraganza: that'd be in your   tags.tmpl   in the theme's templates subdir
04:46:28 <jasonbraganza> jmcp, and if that’s missing?
04:46:45 <jasonbraganza> i can copy from another theme?
04:46:48 <jmcp> then nikola would be using its default settings
04:46:49 <jmcp> sure
04:47:06 <jmcp> the thing to look at for, eg, bootstrap4, is this line 
04:47:06 <jmcp>             <li class="list-inline-item"><a class="reference badge badge-secondary" href="${link}">${text|h}</a></li>
04:47:07 <jasonbraganza> aah. thank you jmcp. will give that a go
04:47:51 <jasonbraganza> jmcp, aaah will go look for that too. Thank you once more :)
04:48:05 <jmcp> if you wanted comma-separated rather than list elements, then in that specific line I'd use something like      <a class="reference badge badge-secondary" href="${link}">{text|h}</a>,
04:48:13 <jmcp> ie, removing the <li..> and </li>
04:48:15 <jasonbraganza> understood
04:48:27 <jmcp> I'm still a noob wrt theming and templates too
04:48:32 <jmcp> but I recognise basic html :)
04:48:53 <jasonbraganza> another noob q jmcp whuch file would nikola defaults be in? base.tmpl?
04:49:07 <jmcp> which particular set of defaults?
04:49:09 <jmcp> for a theme?
04:49:26 <jasonbraganza> yea
04:49:41 <jasonbraganza> “I recognise basic html” - i think i’m below you on the totem pole XD
04:49:44 <jmcp> hah
04:50:02 <jmcp> so what do you have as the default theme in conf.py?
04:50:06 <jasonbraganza> a min
04:50:10 <jmcp> btw, I'm using a trunk build, rather than release
04:50:15 <jasonbraganza> oh sorry, that’d be lanyon
04:50:44 <jasonbraganza> i pip installed nikola with extras 8 beta
04:50:55 <jmcp> onesec, lemme paste something
04:50:58 <jmcp> https://paste.pound-python.org/show/s0mMUjlEp577Gct9uQSz/
04:51:42 <jmcp> when you run   nikola theme --list-installed   where does lanyon show up for you?
04:52:39 <jasonbraganza> a min. will just get that for you jmcp
04:53:40 <jasonbraganza> am on a mac. 
04:54:05 <jasonbraganza> shows up here jmcp - /Users/jess/programs/nikola/jw-nikola/themes/lanyon
04:54:11 <jmcp> cool
04:54:34 <jmcp> so cd ~/programs/nikola/jw-nikola/themes/lanyon/templates
04:54:42 <jmcp> hack on the base.tmpl that you see there
04:55:11 <jmcp> any time you see a ${...}, that is a template engine directive 
04:55:37 <jasonbraganza> yup there’s lots of them
04:58:08 <jasonbraganza> will try stuff :) thank you jmcp 
04:58:11 <jmcp> yw
05:02:17 <jmcp> using 'view source' in your browser will help, too
05:06:11 <jasonbraganza> jmcp, was trying to figure stuff that way only. when I inspect element, it shows the tags as a list in a class called postpromonav
05:06:38 <jasonbraganza> was trying to then find something like that in the tmpl and css :)
05:07:21 <jmcp> I still haven't figured out *how* the templates do dependencies on base, but it's base/templates/post.tmpl   where that class is defined
05:08:24 <jmcp> oh, perhaps that's because  of
05:08:25 <jmcp> <%block name="extra_head">
05:08:25 <jmcp>     ${parent.extra_head()}
05:08:31 <jmcp> in index.tmpl
05:08:48 <jmcp> and parent is defined in    lanyon/parent
05:08:49 <jmcp> duh :)
05:12:08 <jasonbraganza> ok you can call me dumb now, but I can’t see post.tmpl
05:12:31 <jmcp> it'll be wherever you actually installed nikola
05:12:36 <jmcp> did you    sudo pip install
05:12:40 <jmcp> or pip install --user
05:12:46 <jmcp> or did you pip install while within a venv?
05:12:55 <jasonbraganza> in a conda env
05:13:04 <jasonbraganza> pip installed
05:13:10 <jmcp> ok, so it'll be within that conda env
05:14:37 <jasonbraganza> oh you mean wherever nikola is installed?
05:14:44 <jmcp> on my system I pip installed inside a venv, so post.tmpl from base is    {top of venv}/lib/python3.5/site-packages/nikola/data/themes/base/templates/post.tmpl
05:14:45 <jmcp> yes
05:15:07 <jasonbraganza> why did that not strike me‽ 
05:15:16 * jmcp shrugs
05:15:22 <jasonbraganza> XD
05:15:30 <jasonbraganza> checking … /Users/jess/anaconda3/envs/nikola/
05:15:33 <jmcp> I only started using venvs a few weeks ago, when I started hacking on the gallery plugin
05:26:20 <jasonbraganza> gotta run to the doc. but thank you *so* much for all your help jmcp. will try this in the eve and report back :)
05:26:47 <jmcp> yw
05:26:58 <jmcp> ChrisWarrick will be more help to you though
06:19:01 <jasonbraganza> another dumb q. as i see it, I’m butchering the lanyon theme. the ultimate thing is a few changes I need. move tags positiion and change of font.
06:20:18 <jasonbraganza> Is this ok to to in the lanyon theme itself (after backing up the orgiinal folder) or is there a way to make a ”child“ lanyon that just tweaks the original theme?
06:25:13 <sukil> jasonbraganza: you can do both. There is a command (nikola theme) which will help you with your second approach.
06:25:14 <jasonbraganza> forgive me my crazy typos.  I have twitchy fingers becaue of a nerve issue
06:25:57 <jasonbraganza> sukil, i think I read about it on the themeing page. so the idea is to put all my changes in that one tmpl file and voila?
06:26:50 <sukil> jasonbraganza: Yes. You copy the files you want to modify, and edit them. The rest are taken from the parent theme, or the parent of the parent, etc.
06:28:52 <jasonbraganza> will go tinker. thank you sukil :)
11:14:20 <ChrisWarrick> jasonbraganza: look at base’s theme.css, I think you may find something for the tags there
11:16:17 <ChrisWarrick> jasonbraganza: or compare what we do for breadcrumbs or post metadata, make the list inline, use the :before/:after tricks
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