Logs for #nikola for 2018-06-01

02:18:07 <jasonbraganza> Got Nikola running. Thank you ChrisWarrick!
02:18:49 <jasonbraganza> Here’s the blog, https://janusworx.com
02:19:07 <jasonbraganza> If I have dumb theme related questions, is this a good place to ask?
08:33:02 <ChrisWarrick> jasonbraganza: yes
16:10:38 <jasonbraganza> hello, is there a way to increase the size of the masthead. I want the font size to be larger. I’m using the lanyon theme.
16:11:21 <jasonbraganza> i tried going to lanyon.css and changing the size from 75 to 125% in the .masthead-title small section.
16:11:29 <jasonbraganza> it didn’t seem to help
16:13:36 <ChrisWarrick> jasonbraganza: (1) did you rebuild your page, (2) did you ctrl+shift+R to force reload, (3) are you using cloudflare?
16:14:23 <jasonbraganza> i did rebuild. and i tried two browsers and I’m trying locally
16:14:32 <ChrisWarrick> jasonbraganza: also, the font-size seems to affect only the <small> tag
16:14:33 <jasonbraganza> is what I am  doing correct?
16:14:48 <ChrisWarrick> jasonbraganza: restore 75% and add a font-size tag to `.masthead-title {` instead
16:15:35 <jasonbraganza> font size in rems or % ChrisWarrick ?
16:16:39 <ChrisWarrick> jasonbraganza: if the theme uses %, go with %
16:16:58 <jasonbraganza> will try ChrisWarrick. thank you :)
16:17:18 <jasonbraganza> the theme uses both. with try both and see what works
16:17:24 <ChrisWarrick> jasonbraganza: use `rem` then
16:17:32 <ChrisWarrick> jasonbraganza: and note that you will need to adjust the sidebar toggle as well
16:17:40 <jasonbraganza> oh
16:17:56 <jasonbraganza> alright. will check that too. thank you :)
16:21:47 <jasonbraganza> that did the trick :) thank you ChrisWarrick. used 3 rems.  checking the toggle now
16:28:12 <jasonbraganza> adjusted that to something reasonable too. it’s just like I wanted it! thank you so much ChrisWarrick :)
16:28:22 <jasonbraganza> deployed it now
16:37:57 <jasonbraganza> merci! and good night :)