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17:10:37 <uw_fluxus> I have a question. My site makes urls like this: site.com/pagename/index.html.. I'd like to get rid of the index.html. I've found out it's apparently something created to avoid having urls like site.com/pagename.html, but having index.html spattered around in the navigation bar is hardly any prettier.
17:10:38 <uw_fluxus> So I believe something is set up wrong, somehow.
17:10:38 <uw_fluxus> Both PRETTY_URLS and STRIP_INDEXES are set to true.
17:24:10 <ChrisWarrick> uw_fluxus: where do you get those /index.html urls?
17:26:36 <ChrisWarrick> uw_fluxus: with PRETTY_URLS = True and STRIP_INDEXES = True (default), all URLs generated by Nikola should not have index.html at the end.
17:28:33 <uw_fluxus> ChrisWarrick: https://newguard.icei.org/hathi-project/index.html
17:28:39 <uw_fluxus> Everywhere on the site :>
17:30:16 <ChrisWarrick> uw_fluxus: You probably put index.html in the sidebar yourself
17:30:30 <ChrisWarrick> uw_fluxus: if you click a blog title, you get https://newguard.icei.org/blog/2018-southeast-linuxfest/
17:31:05 <ChrisWarrick> uw_fluxus: so, remove `index.html` (leave the trailing slash in)
17:31:26 <uw_fluxus> *peeks* You're right.
17:32:20 <uw_fluxus> I actually did check if I could remove index.html from the address to check if it still caught the page.. and it didn't.
17:32:43 <uw_fluxus> I must have forgotten to check for leaving the slash, too.
17:32:52 <uw_fluxus> Thanks. Will edit :>
17:37:51 <uw_fluxus> And.. much prettier now. Thanks again :)