Logs for #nikola for 2018-04-24

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10:16:35 <gour> what would be required in order to e.g. convert emoji plugin into shortcode so that can work with other markups?
13:19:31 <ralsina> gour: I think we have an emoji shortcode already
13:19:33 <ralsina> let me look
13:21:16 <KwBot> [nikola-themes] ralsina closed issue #150: comments helper https://github.com/getnikola/nikola-themes/issues/150
14:27:10 <ralsina> gour: all it would take is a  nikola/data/shoretcodes/mako/shortcode.tmpl with something in it
14:27:21 <ralsina> gour: I will have a PR up in like 2 minutes
14:32:33 <ralsina> gour: dude, the emoji shortcode is already there. It's even documented
14:33:13 <ralsina> I suspect it's implemented based on the reSt directive so it may not be available if reSt is disabled tho
14:34:09 <ralsina> gour: https://imgur.com/a/TLu681i
14:35:43 <ralsina> Ok, no, it's a real shortcode done in code.
14:35:48 <ralsina> It's a bit rough tho :-)
15:15:31 <gour> ralsina: ahh, i'm embarrassed now seeing the reference for it in the handbook :-(
15:15:43 <ralsina> gour: no problem
15:15:58 <ralsina> gour: I had actually written the templated shortcode before noticing it
15:19:48 -GitHub[plugins]:#nikola- [plugins] sukiletxe opened pull request #270: Added Babeldates plugin (master...babeldates) https://git.io/vpZsF
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15:29:15 <gour> ralsina: btw, do you have any plan in regard to v8 release?
15:29:36 <ralsina> gour: the big missing part is the switch to yaml config
15:29:45 <ralsina> I did try to work on it this weekend and failed
15:29:56 <ralsina> So I am very tempted to say fuck it and not do it
15:30:04 <ralsina> And just release v8
15:30:11 <gour> :-)
15:30:23 <ralsina> Because my vision for a yaml config framework is actually a whole separate project
15:30:34 <ralsina> Which I could write and then we could adopt
15:30:49 <ralsina> But trying to write it as part of nikola is pain
15:47:12 <gour> what would that bring to nikola, some major features?
15:48:12 <ralsina> The changes in master that are not in v7?
15:48:54 <ralsina> All of this: https://hastebin.com/ifozubaner.md
15:51:07 <gour> ralsina: i was thinking about yaml-config-framework?
15:51:36 <ralsina> gour: well, we have some issues now
15:52:02 <ralsina> for example, when we change an option, we show something like "now you need to change this this way" because we can't *write* the changes
15:52:13 <ralsina> Or when you install a plugin, it can't apply it's preferred config
15:52:17 <ralsina> Same for themes
15:52:36 <ralsina> And no way to notify "these are all the options new in this version"
15:54:49 <ralsina> So, those things would be possible if we defined the options with their metadata as data instead of as code
15:56:20 <gour> nice...code as data, data as code...sounds like lisp/scheme :-D
15:56:33 <ralsina> Everything that can be described as data should not be code
15:56:48 <ralsina> But in my mind those things are very fuzzy :-)
15:57:29 <gour> is python still your most used (daily) language?
15:57:57 <ralsina> Yeah
15:58:13 <ralsina> I am even writing a book about it! https://ralsina.gitlab.io/boxes-book/
16:00:19 <gour> ralsina: inteesting! rst markup?
16:02:37 <ralsina> No, it's done in very hacked markdown
16:02:40 <ralsina> using gitbook
16:02:49 <ralsina> which is written in JS
16:02:54 <ralsina> and I hate so so much now
16:03:01 <ralsina> I should have hacked nikola to build it instead
16:05:56 <gour> i'm leaning towards orgmode which i use anyway...sometimes i'm jsut frustrated with the lack of proper support for inline-marlup in rst whic hdoes work even with markdown
16:08:06 <ralsina> inline HTML?
16:08:20 <ralsina> It breaks things wonderfully in markdown if you are not careful
16:08:47 <gour> yeah, i'd liek to stay away from md
16:10:49 <ralsina> It's very limited so I am sort of doing my own dialect :-)
16:13:22 <gour> textile was/is better, imho, but never became popular
16:16:12 <ralsina> I tried hard to support textile but it's a mess
16:16:34 <ralsina> asciidoc / md / rst is all there is (unless you are on emacs, then orgmode) 
16:16:37 <ralsina> the rest is noise
16:20:00 <gour> i don't like asciidoc's deps on ruby...
19:21:00 <ralsina> @ChrisWarrick looks like the last site update broke statcounter which I use to find sites that link to us (simpler than analytics
19:21:01 <ralsina> )
19:21:54 <ralsina> No idea how or why :-(
19:50:20 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: we’re linking to it via http, not https
19:52:37 <ralsina> Ahhh, that could be it
20:04:33 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: should be fixed now
20:04:33 -GitHub[site]:#nikola- [nikola-site] Kwpolska pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vpZH8
20:04:33 -GitHub[site]:#nikola- nikola-site/master b882579 Chris Warrick: Elliminate http links...
20:16:20 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: awesome, thx