Logs for #nikola for 2018-03-26

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10:30:43 <gour> morning
10:31:07 <gour> with master - probably not the tip - and material theme i get: https://pastebin.com/NEb9LZPL
14:19:13 <ralsina> @gour colorbox is gone, that theme will need some fixes for v8
14:20:54 <gour> ralsina: ok. tried with another theme (libretto) and it does work...otoh, it's strange since material got some v8 updates 8 days ago, while libretto is not even listed under v8
14:21:33 <ralsina> gour: it depends on what templates it overwrites
14:41:32 <gour> am i right that all the theme's templates should live in /themes(root)/theme/templates folder and when one wants to override something, it has to be put in /site's-root/templates?
15:13:41 <ChrisWarrick> gour: The built-in themes should live in the nikola base install and be overriden if needed
16:09:40 <gour> ChrisWarrick: ok. what is the purpose of /site-root/templates folder then?
16:11:32 <ChrisWarrick> gour: If you’re using a built-in theme and want to override/add custom templates, you do it there
16:11:57 <ChrisWarrick> gour: If you’re using a theme downloaded from elsewhere, doing it in templates/ can make stuff cleaner in case of upgrades
16:12:22 <ChrisWarrick> gour: If you’re using a fully customized theme, /site-root/themes/whatever is the way to go
16:12:31 <gour> ChrisWarrick: ok, thanks
16:50:20 <ralsina> gour: also, a post can have a custom template set in the metadata, and you can just throw it there (things like https://getnikola.com/creating-a-custom-page.html)
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17:09:55 <gour> ralsina: ahh, now i see. thanks a lot!
19:46:58 <jmm_> hi
19:48:06 <jmm_> anyone can tell me if there is any difference between placing files in "data" or "files" folder?
19:50:04 <jmm_> I have read tutorials about the "data" folder, but I don't know if it has been deprecated in favour of the "files" folder
19:50:06 <ralsina> jmm_: yes
19:50:24 <ralsina> jmm_: files is the default for the FILES option
19:50:48 <ChrisWarrick> jmm_: data files are used to inject custom info into the global context
19:50:50 <ralsina> (sorry FILES_FOLDERS option)
19:50:58 <ChrisWarrick> jmm_: files/ files are assets that are copied to output/ raw
19:51:07 <ralsina> jmm_: so, whatever you put on files/ or whatever is configured in FILES_FOLDERS is just copied
19:51:36 <jmm_> First of all, thanks for the good Nikola
19:51:57 <ralsina> for data, https://getnikola.com/handbook.html#the-global-context-and-data-files
19:52:40 <jmm_> if I understand well, a .bib and .csl files should then go to the DATA
19:53:01 <jmm_> they will be processed, but not copied to output
19:53:05 <ralsina> We don't support bib or csl files directly, just JSON/YAML/TOML
19:53:19 <ralsina> I think there is a plugin for bib files but I never used it
19:53:25 <jmm_> pandoc reads them
19:53:57 <jmm_> rather well, by the way. If I remember well no need for a plugin
19:54:23 <ralsina> then you want to treat them like pages?
19:55:16 <jmm_> I place a citation [@smith2015] in a mdown file, and the pandoc compiler changes it for the bibliographic info
19:55:21 <ralsina> in that case they may go in pages/ :-)
19:55:30 <ralsina> jmm_: sorry no idea
19:55:48 <ChrisWarrick> jmm_: where does pandoc get its bibliography database from?
19:56:03 <jmm_> the .bib file
19:56:10 <ChrisWarrick> How does it know about it?
19:56:59 <jmm_> PANDOC_OPTIONS = [
19:57:00 <jmm_>     '--filter=pandoc-citeproc', '--bibliography=./data/biblio-books.bib',
19:57:00 <jmm_>     '--csl=./data/turabian-fullnote-bibliography.csl', '--base-header-level=2']
19:57:11 <ralsina> Then you can put it anywahere you want
19:57:14 <ralsina> Just be consistent
19:57:21 <ralsina> Nikola is not even noticing that file
19:57:47 <ralsina> (which is sort of a problem because it will not rebuild the pages if that bib file changes)
19:58:27 <jmm_> ok
19:58:45 <jmm_> one last problem I have is with localsearch
19:59:10 <jmm_> I have managed to get the box in bootstrap3
19:59:41 <jmm_> but it doesn't work. Nowhere I can find if it has to be enabled and how
20:05:38 <ChrisWarrick> https://irclogs.getnikola.com/search/?q=hello
20:06:45 <ChrisWarrick> the sample config is garbage
20:09:30 <jmm_> Great, I didn't know about this
20:30:44 <KwBot> [nikola] Kwpolska opened issue #3000: nikola serve rewrites URLs with query strings inproperly https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/3000
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20:32:05 <ralsina> Hey ChrisWarrick congrats on getting the 300th issue :-)
20:32:06 <ChrisWarrick> oh, what a waste of an issue #
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20:32:11 -GitHub[plugins]:#nikola- plugins/master b371066 Chris Warrick: localsearch: replace strange config samples with working setup from irclogs-site...
20:32:21 <ChrisWarrick> jmm_: nikola plugin -i localsearch   should fix it
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20:37:55 <ralsina> Hey, the default config is what I use in http://ralsina.me/ right? It works great for me ;-)
20:38:33 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: with the modal?
20:38:42 <ralsina> yep
20:38:44 <ralsina> check it out
20:38:49 <ChrisWarrick> it seems to work, aye
20:39:15 <ChrisWarrick> I think I might have had issues back when I did it for irclogs-site
20:39:21 <ChrisWarrick> and I’m not a fan of that modal
20:39:29 <ralsina> it's ok, the modal thing is gimmicky
20:39:35 <ralsina> and only works with bootstrap
20:40:46 <ralsina> lunr does seem to be "better" than tipue nowadays
20:41:02 <ralsina> I am doing a site with mdbook which uses that and it works very well
20:41:03 <ralsina> https://ralsina.gitlab.io/boxes-book/
20:41:20 <ralsina> Even does "live search"
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20:42:01 -GitHub[plugins]:#nikola- plugins/master b5e14b7 Chris Warrick: Add old sample config as an alternate version...
20:42:36 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: there, added it back
20:42:41 <ralsina> cool :-)
20:43:33 <ralsina> Also, I may take 15 minutes and write a better version of mdbook / gitbooks / whateverbook
20:43:40 <ralsina> they are sooooooo lame
20:43:53 <ralsina> hola juanjo
20:44:03 <juanjo> hola
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