Logs for #nikola for 2018-03-19

04:08:11 <polyzen> did grid handling change?
04:10:13 <polyzen> in master
04:14:44 <polyzen> quite possible I just don't understand BS4 quite enough
04:41:36 <polyzen> argh
08:15:39 <polyzen> should I be able to use row classes with the rST directive
08:19:37 <Disconsented> .. class:: foo   ?
08:19:44 <polyzen> with Bootstrap 3, I didn't have to use the row class from my rST file
08:19:47 <polyzen> Disconsented, right
08:21:23 <polyzen> there was an enclosing `<div class="row">` around the content previously, but removing that from the Boostrap 3 output doesn't affect the content's grid formatting either way
08:23:38 <polyzen> manually inserting the class on the Bootstrap 4 output works
08:24:22 <polyzen> around the content in the base.tmpl's previously*
10:05:41 <polyzen> .. raw:: to the rescue
10:06:35 <polyzen> except that I found another issue /o/
10:39:22 <polyzen> the other issue being `:class: col-sm-4` as an option to an image directive didn't work, had to call the class directive directly. it does work for the line block directive, however..
10:40:47 <polyzen> s/work for/as an option to/
10:49:47 <polyzen> it squished the image
10:55:09 <polyzen> ah, latter appears not to be a bug
10:55:38 <polyzen> for all I know the grid issue isn't an actual bug, but ┐(ツ)┌
10:55:43 <polyzen> * ¯\(º_o)/¯
16:46:30 <ChrisWarrick> !tell polyzen Bootstrap 4 changed grids and many other classes significantly.
16:46:30 <KwBot> ChrisWarrick: acknowledged.
21:10:56 <dmc> ChrisWarrick, I've noticed. apparently you now have to also explicitly use row class divs
21:11:44 <KwBot> polyzen: 16:46:30 <ChrisWarrick> Bootstrap 4 changed grids and many other classes significantly.
23:02:50 <berti> hm, colorbox had this nice feature that all images of a post are grouped together
23:03:50 <berti> I'm right that baguettebox does not support grouping, or have i missed something?
23:25:50 <ChrisWarrick> berti: like what, under the main picture?
23:26:24 <ChrisWarrick> berti: you may report an issue, we might or might not do sth about it
23:28:40 <berti> ChrisWarrick: grouping allowed to navigate across all images of a post
23:29:19 <berti> baguttebox seems to show only one image without nav when not used in a gallery
23:57:57 <ralsina> berti: that is probably something not done correctly when calling baguettebox
23:58:09 <ralsina> berti: you can play with alternative settings using the JS console
23:58:23 <ralsina> berti: or, indeed, file a bug