Logs for #nikola for 2018-03-11

14:51:09 <berti_> ChrisWarrick: Is it intentionelly that the class for figures has changed from "image-reference" to "reference" with baguettebox being the default?
14:51:35 <berti_> this change breaks the thumbnail shortcode
14:52:54 <berti_> and is probably the reason for #2972?
16:29:00 <ChrisWarrick> berti: image-reference is a reST thing
17:07:39 <berti> ChrisWarrick: its used / was used in several templates and in the old colorbox js code in base.tmpl of the bootstrap3-theme for example
17:08:20 <ChrisWarrick> berti: image-reference is (used to be?) inserted by reST for images
17:08:21 <berti> baguettebox now uses reference instead and does not work 
17:08:54 <berti> ChrisWarrick: huh?
17:09:07 <berti> its used in gallery-tmpl everywhere
17:09:23 <berti> and in the html code generated by thumbnail.py
17:12:52 <ChrisWarrick> berti: but it originally came from reST
17:18:07 <berti> yes, sure. but this code 
17:18:07 <berti> <%block name="extra_js"></%block>
17:18:07 <berti>  <script>
17:18:07 <berti> baguetteBox.run('a.reference:not(.islink)', {
17:18:07 <berti> simly dows not work, when allmost all images have a class "image-referenve" instead of the expected "reference"
20:25:15 <ChrisWarrick> berti: those should have a 'reference' class as well