Logs for #nikola for 2018-02-26

20:07:12 <berti_> hi
20:07:59 <berti> Is it intentionelly that there is no div around the ul postlist on the archive page?
20:10:08 <berti> without something like <div class="e-content entry-content"... the postlist sticks to the bottom of the translationlist
20:17:11 <berti> like here: http://www.marianoguerra.org/archive.html
20:38:46 <ChrisWarrick> does it really matter?
21:01:51 <berti> at least a margin is missing
22:19:41 <polyzen> .  robots_file:output/robots.txt
22:19:42 <polyzen> [2018-02-26T22:18:58Z] WARNING: Nikola: robots.txt not ending up in server root, will be useless
22:19:46 <polyzen> wut
22:58:12 <ChrisWarrick> your SITE_URL has a subdirectory