Logs for #nikola for 2018-02-01

07:57:11 <[Tritium]> http://pyvideo.org/kiwi-pycon-2017/nikola.html
13:10:59 <ralsina> Nice!
13:11:41 <ralsina> Interesting that Nikola with kiwi accent apparently rhymes with tequila
15:10:14 <gour> :-)
15:10:56 <gour> however, for me, hearing pronouncing ation of 
15:11:10 <gour> *of Nikola was really strange :-(
15:12:11 <gour> ...and very far from the correct one ;)
15:18:27 <ralsina> Ah, but the proper pronunciation is of course, mine.
15:18:36 <ralsina> And that means you have never heard it :-)
15:18:46 <ChrisWarrick> weren’t you on a podcast once?
15:18:53 <ralsina> I was yes
15:18:58 <ralsina> __init__ or something like it
15:19:10 <ChrisWarrick> Podcast.__init__
15:19:24 <ralsina> So you can listen to me trying to say it while speaking english. That messes my spanish :-)
15:19:35 <ralsina> But it should be canon!
15:24:25 <gour> no, didn't hear it..btw. your pronunciation might be original but not correct :-P (if Nikola is named after Tesla)
15:34:49 <ralsina> It is named after Tesla, but it's not named in serbian :)
15:36:21 <ralsina> Fun fact: in spanish it's perfectly acceptable to translate first names. For example the founder of argentinian navy was an irish guy called William Brown. But we call him Guillermo Brown.
15:36:35 <ralsina> So I could have called it Nicolás, but alas, I did not
15:37:01 <ralsina> Just kidding BTW, anyone can pronounce it however they want
15:43:30 <ChrisWarrick> or one can ask google translate (the Polish version is accurate and should sound better than Serbian/Croatian)
16:04:51 <gour> lol
19:24:07 <ChrisWarrick> http://artctrl.me/nikola17.svg
19:24:13 <ChrisWarrick> I didn’t know svg could do all that
20:18:38 <ralsina> That is very impressive
20:20:44 <Disconsented> I was wondering why I saw the python posters around campus
20:21:01 <ralsina> Disconsented: you in NZ?
20:21:11 <Disconsented> Study at waikato
20:21:48 <ralsina> I used to work with Thomi Richards, who IIRC was one of the organizers
20:21:59 <ralsina> I even have a kiwi pycon shirt somewhere
20:22:22 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: it's actually just one large SVG with targets that trigger scrolling the "view window"
20:22:39 <ralsina> You can open it in inkscape and see the whole presentation :-)
22:35:22 <[Tritium]> ralsina: you were on Floss weekly, too