Logs for #nikola for 2018-01-30

12:02:06 <gour_> morning
12:02:57 <gour_> i'm chatting with m.css developer on gitter. in regard to hist plugins his reply is: "yes, they are (mostly) real docutils directives/roles 
12:03:00 <gour_> though there's some stuff leaking from pelican, like checking various settings" 
12:03:27 <gour> ralsina: ^^^
12:03:50 <gour> he is also interested in nikola and asked: "how is it with Nikola and having the site scattered across multiple subdomains?"
12:04:03 <gour> (like, I have pages on http://magnum.graphics, articles on http://blog.magnum.graphics and images on http://static.magnum.graphics .. is that supported?)
12:11:37 <ChrisWarrick> gour: That would require three Nikola sites at best, or some URL_TYPE + internal hackery
12:13:58 <gour> ChrisWarrick: thank you for the answer. he mentioned that "i had to patch Pelican quite a bit for that (none of that got integrated yet)!"
12:15:34 <gour> another comment: "i am getting a bit annoyed that 90% of my PRs to pelican didn't get integrated yet, it's blocking me from improving it further " as well as "seeing the Nikola website for the first time, my first impression is great
12:15:36 <gour> i wonder why i didn't discover that before Pelican"
13:20:47 <ralsina> @gour is he using static.magnum... just to setup a site without cookies? If yes, then that one can be done rather easy
13:21:08 <ralsina> As for the other separation ... it can be done by having separate configs and everything in one place
13:21:13 <ralsina> but it's messy
13:24:01 <gour> ralsina: thanks i forrwarded to gitter
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