Logs for #nikola for 2018-01-16

15:58:12 <nixfreak_> Hello is anyone getting a dbm error when running nikola build ? dbm.error: db type is dbm.gnu, but the module is not available
15:58:52 <nixfreak_> I tried to pip install --upgrade "Nikola[extras]" again but still get the same error 
16:10:06 <ChrisWarrick> nixfreak_: you may need to install the appropriate packages from your OS repos
20:39:35 <ralsina> Woohoo, digitalocean has increased the HW limits for the droplets, we can make our vps a $5 subscription again, cutting in half our infrastructure spending :-)
21:19:22 <ChrisWarrick> oh yeah
21:19:41 <ChrisWarrick> I upgraded my VPS’s specs earlier today