Logs for #nikola for 2018-01-11

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10:49:33 <[Tritium]> should have done a whois on the IP before posting that comment...
15:36:00 <gour> ralsina: just read (your) article: http://ralsina.me/stories/BBS52.html#id12 and wonder if the same advice does hold for todayP
15:36:08 <gour> ?
15:36:34 <gour> btw, github seems to be down, so cannot check the project
15:36:39 <ralsina> gour: honestly? I did my slides 2 months ago using the same tool because I still hate all other solutions
15:36:54 <ralsina> gour: rst2pdf is packaged on all distros AFAIK
15:38:42 <gour> ralsina: thanks. installing (on fedora). can one do speaker notes with it? i dislike HTML/JS-stuff and beamer is to uniform and ditched idea to use/learn ConTeXt and i'm going to stay with rst
15:39:02 <ralsina> gour: I suspect PDF has something to do that but no, rst2pdf doesn't support it
15:39:17 <gour> rst2pdf-0.93 here
15:39:49 <gour> well, i can then use pdfpc where one can easily add them - see https://pdfpc.github.io/
15:44:33 <ralsina> makes sense
15:44:57 <ralsina> I specially like that with rst2pdf I can make slides with the aspect ratio of the projector regardless of my screen's aspect ratio
15:45:04 <ralsina> All the powerpoint-like things suck at that
15:46:15 <gour> cool. i believe rst2pdf just has got a new user and i'm aslo going (back) to nikola ;)
16:18:15 <ralsina> gour: welcome back! What happened?
16:18:30 <ralsina> Also, I am out of rst2pdf for a few years, but it has new people working on cleaning up my messes ;-)
16:22:48 <gour> ralsina: well, i played with Grav to make it easier for some other people to contribute...it creates fast sites, everything is included, lot of themes, even theme-framework, but at the end one has to take care to maintain it, upgrades can break plugins and similar stories. as far as static-site-generators are concerned, the only alternative to Nikola (for me) is/was Hugo...but it means to become somehow
16:22:50 <gour> involved with the Golang
16:23:37 <gour> however, i consider that for my use-case learning/using Python is more profitable and useful in larger scope...last, but not the least, i really like Nikola
16:24:57 <gour> one factor was that i also abandoned idea to use asciidoc and stay with rst (even above markdown) since i want single format for all my writing and rst is capable of serving the purpose....solution for presentations was the last pin ;)
16:25:34 <gour> btw, i've found out nice css framework and will try to create a Nikola theme with it - http://mcss.mosra.cz/
16:26:42 <ralsina> Indeed looks nice!
16:26:50 <ralsina> You can always start from their pelican theme
16:27:24 <gour> in short: simplicity rules or "Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler" and Nikola is, imho, perfect in that regard
16:29:00 <gour> i'll then use jinja2
16:40:34 <KwBot> [nikola] ralsina opened issue #2948: Nikola supports the basic functionality of page resources already, let's add the extra bits https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2948
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