Logs for #nikola for 2017-12-12

10:20:01 <daro2> is there a way in rst to do numbered lists without literally writing the numbers, so that one could insert lines and have them put in the right order/numbering)?
10:38:57 <[Tritium]> #.
10:50:53 <daro2> [Tritium]: thank you, would be handy if https://getnikola.com/quickstart.html#lists mentioned that
10:52:11 <[Tritium]> daro2: its part of the restructuredtext docs (the assumption being if you are using restructuredtext in nikola, its because you already know and like it.  there are 65168461681116813743413573427357346547 supported markdown implementations for nikola :)
10:53:39 <[Tritium]> http://docutils.sourceforge.net/docs/user/rst/quickref.html#enumerated-lists
11:50:34 <daro2> [Tritium]: sure, but rst is the default and if the site i linked to does exist, this info would be helpful in it
11:52:33 <[Tritium]> Nikola's docs dont cover every feature of RestructuredText, since... well... that would just be copying the docutils documentation.  Markdown is also a default format, as is html
11:53:58 <daro2> okay, just one more point as i don't care _that_ much: if that page mentions enumerating lists at all, it shoulddd show '#.'
11:56:49 <[Tritium]> File a bug or a PR.  I dont agree that a quickstart guide for a piece of software should enumerate ever possible use of the software, especially when it links to the full documentation.  Did you see the quickref link?
11:59:12 <daro2> yes i have, though the use of '#.' isn't really featured there either. but whatever 
11:59:49 <daro2> again, thanks for pointing it out
12:55:52 <daro2> something else i might consider to be a bug in Nikola is this: when a tag in a post contains spaces, as in slugs the space is converted to a dash in the url of the page for the tag.
12:57:30 <daro2> but when one puts the same string for the tag in a link of the format ` <link://tag/''>`_, the link that generates just omits the space (so the link is broken)
12:58:34 <daro2> do you think that is a bug or user error (as i said, i think it's the former) and/or are there reasons it has to behave this way?
13:02:16 <ChrisWarrick> full example?
13:07:13 <daro2> the tag: , Hannover 96,
13:08:40 <ChrisWarrick> And the link you’re using?
13:09:32 <daro2> the link in the tag page:
13:09:54 <daro2> the link as i would naively put it: `Hannover 96 <link://tag/'Hannover 96,'>`_
13:10:06 <daro2> without the comma, sorry
13:11:58 <daro2> and the link that produces:
13:12:46 <ChrisWarrick> Does it work without quotes?
13:18:18 <daro2> let me test
13:21:00 <daro2> no
13:41:01 <ChrisWarrick> daro2: create an issue on github
13:43:08 <daro2> ok, i will
13:44:20 <daro2> btw, there is a similar issue with "non standard" characters like in a tag 'André Hofschneider'
13:49:13 <[Tritium]> daro2: what version of nikola are you using?
13:52:38 <[Tritium]> (I ask because I was just manually walking the code path that link:// takes, and it looks like it should work, but i did so on HEAD)
13:55:26 <daro2> 7.8.10-5 on Arch Linux
13:55:46 <[Tritium]> ...whats the -5 on that?
13:58:57 <daro2> not sure, but that's the version number the aur package provides https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/nikola/
14:00:49 <[Tritium]> I'm usually leary of packaged versions of software, they often patch thing and do weird stuff... but in this case, cant say that - ChrisWarrick is the aur package maintainer
14:04:48 <daro2> yes that is why i am not hesitant to use the aur package
14:08:23 <[Tritium]> I manually walked the the code for 7.8.10, and i didnt see where it went wrong, so... ChrisWarrick or ralsina will probably have to find it
15:55:48 <KwBot> [nikola] charlesay opened issue #2934: inconsistent handling of Tag strings https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2934