Logs for #nikola for 2017-11-23

17:17:31 <phoe6> Hello, I want to use wikipedia links as shortcode with nikola.
17:17:45 <phoe6> is there conf.py setting or a plugin that could help me to do that?
17:17:53 <phoe6> or should I write one ?
17:19:40 <ChrisWarrick> phoe6: You mean, go from {{% wiki %}}Nikola Tesla{{% /wiki }}  to <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/Nikola_Tesla">Nikola Tesla</a>?
17:20:21 <ChrisWarrick> You can write a simple shortcode for that, it might even be a template shortcode
17:20:49 <phoe6> ChrisWarrick:  hi! - yeah, So, I was thinking like (for rst) :wiki:`Nikola Tesla` 
17:20:57 <phoe6> will traslate to the hyperlink
17:21:02 <ChrisWarrick> For that you’ll need a reST directive plugin
17:21:07 <phoe6> better name `:wikipedia`
17:21:10 <ChrisWarrick> look at the built-in `doc` plugin for starters
17:22:37 <phoe6> If I understand it right, the short-code that you mentioned won't work for .rst's right? 
17:22:55 <phoe6> Yeah, I will use a reST directive plugin. ( I had one for sphinx, so perhaps I modify that one).
17:24:00 <ChrisWarrick> shortcodes *do* work for reST
17:24:09 <ChrisWarrick> but they have different syntax than what you’re asking for
17:25:38 <phoe6> Like this: :sc:`{{% wiki %}} Nikola Tesla {{% /wiki}}` ?
17:26:19 <ChrisWarrick> yes
17:26:23 <ChrisWarrick> you might not even need :sc:
18:07:15 <phoe6> Is there a way for me to try the cerelean theme that nikola website uses?
18:07:25 <phoe6> I like the code-display style
18:16:14 <ChrisWarrick> Our code display doesn’t come from the cerulean theme, it’s CODE_COLOR_SCHEME = 'monokai'
18:16:20 <ChrisWarrick> phoe6:18:17:17 <phoe6> so if I use any other theme and use `CODE_COLOR_SCHEME` that shoud be okay?
18:17:52 <phoe6> trying.
18:18:29 <ChrisWarrick> yes
18:19:33 <phoe6> Thanks - that was good enough for me to try with the default theme.
18:20:11 <ChrisWarrick> you can get the cerulean theme if you like the way it looks too (via nikola bootswatch_theme
18:20:13 <ChrisWarrick> )
18:20:50 <phoe6> I see. thanks, I missed `bootswatch_theme` - I was looking at install theme.
19:06:21 <phoe6> There are no examples for template based shortcodes here: https://github.com/getnikola/shortcodes I was looking for some examples.
19:06:29 <phoe6> Following the documentation, I created this template.
19:06:42 <phoe6> https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/8bONqkLN/
19:07:06 <ChrisWarrick> if it works, you can make a PR for that repo
19:07:12 <ChrisWarrick> are there no examples in the manual?
19:07:14 <phoe6> And when try any of :sc:`{{% wiki Communications_protocol %}}` or  `{{% wiki Communications_protocol %}}`
19:07:57 <phoe6> <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%7B%7B%20_args%5B0%5D%20%7D%7D">{{ _args[0] }}</a>
19:08:09 <phoe6> ChrisWarrick:  it doesn't work.
19:08:11 <ChrisWarrick> Is your theme based on jinja2 or mako?
19:08:26 <ChrisWarrick> If mako, use ${foo} instead of {{ foo }}
19:08:40 <phoe6> I am using bootstrap3
19:08:43 <phoe6> the default.
19:08:57 <phoe6> how do I find it is jinja2 or mako?
19:09:51 <ChrisWarrick> it’s mako
19:10:18 <phoe6> I think, - that was it using ${foo} instead of {{ foo }}
19:10:20 <phoe6> thanks.
19:11:33 <phoe6> So, if I switch to `bootstrap3-gradients-jinja` the other style of expansion would work.
19:11:39 <phoe6> (just learning).
19:11:52 <phoe6> I got my job done by using `${ }`
19:12:40 <ChrisWarrick> Or to bootstrap3-jinja.
19:22:26 <phoe6> The shortcode seems to add cite directive  automatically like this: <cite><a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communications_protocol">Communications Protocol</a></cite>
19:22:48 <phoe6> Any easy way to suppress that?
19:53:53 <ChrisWarrick> Tried without quotes ``?
20:20:52 <KwBot> [nikola] ralsina opened issue #2922: Use baguettejs also in bootstrap theme. https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2922
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